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February 29, 2016

The Choice – Short Story

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The Choice - Short Story

He sat in the dark garage in his usual posture. With every drag of his cigar, as the smoke penetrated his lungs, the ecstasy took over him, it somehow managed to drift him apart from reality, something which he desperately wanted to forget.

With every burning inch of the cigar he wondered about his mere existence in the world. He thought about the lives of the two persons who were once the charm of his life. One was a girl whom he longed for ever since he learnt to breathe the teenage air. The only love of his life, who didn’t give a damn to his feelings and yet he clung to her, with the only hope that she would accept him one day; one fine day; before he goes to bed; forever.

The other side of his mind occupied her, it was her, a stranger who came in his life, un-alarmed and painted it with her simplicity. She was one who had discovered his deepest sides and yet she never took him away from his long lost love, instead she gave him the strength to approach her one last time.

He wondered about the two powerful women who came in his life. One he would die for while the other who gave him the hope to live for. He had a choice to make. He got up; crushed the cigar; the decision was made. The choice was made; he decided to leave both.

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Comments to The Choice – Short Story

  • Hmmmmm!!! 1 thing to be pondered is how is it possible to leave any of the two or both of them as because it is rightly said that……he was waiting desperately!!!! By way the grt write up!!! Grand salute to the content!

    Sachin February 29, 2016 11:37 pm Reply

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