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May 8, 2016

The Bento Cafe – An Ultimate Pan Asian Cuisine Delight

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The term ‘Bento’ refers to a single-portion takeout and is quite popular in Japanese cuisine. Taking inspiration from this unique concept, The Bento Cafe was opened its door in January 2016. The cafe is the brain child of Ashish Kapur, Joy Singh and Vandana Gupta.

Most of the Chinese restaurants are in fact Indo-Chinese restaurants where two cuisines (Indian and Chinese) are combined to suit the Indian palette. The Bento Cafe is authentic pan asian cafe that serves Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Mongolian and Japanese. The cafe also offers popular and well-known dishes from Indonesia and Singapore.

The unbeatable and yummy taste is the hard work of master chefs Sam Wong and Yuwraj Pradhan, and to maintain the authenticity and consistency, each Bento Cafe chef has to undergo 3 months of rigorous training.

The Bento Cafe is located in Mall of India – home to 400 different brands and Indian’s largest mall. Mall of India is about a kilometer away from Noida Sector 18 Metro Station (Blue Line) which makes the cafe easily accessible to shoppers and non-shoppers. You could also order food online via Foodpanda and Swiggy.

I recently went to Mall of India and had a chance to enjoy a Bento Box. The cafe is a perfect hangout place with friends but is also a great choice if you are with family. Few things that I absolutely loved about the place were:


A Bento Box is a hexagonal box that comes with your choice of rice/noodles (Japanese Udon, Hakka Noodles and Wheat Noodles) and your choice of main dish (tofu, Kung Pao, Teriyaki Chicken, Crispy Lamb). Each meal is accompanied with slush or a soft drink and thai sum salad aka papaya salad. Don’t fret if you are a Vegetarian, the food will be customized according to your taste and preference.

The Bento Box is a one-person serving option.Bento Meal Box

Plethora of Variety

If you are not interested in Bento Box, then I would recommend you to try Japanese Sushi, Duck Thai Basil or Malaysian Crab. If you are looking for street food then I would recommend you to try Indonesia’s specialty Nasi Goreng, or the very popular Singaporean BBQ pork rice or Japanese Pizza.

Sushi with Tuna Eggs

japanese pizza

Fresh Food

Fresh food has its own aroma and taste. Every meal prepared at The Bento Cafe is freshly prepared and is time bound. Every box you are served mentions the time it took to prepare your dish.

To main the authenticity of the food, the cafe team ensures to buy ingredients that add that uniqueness or original taste. For example, one of the key ingredients of Japanese cuisine is wasabi which is used to clear palette. Wasabi is hard to find in India and can usually be found at International Food Market. However, disregarding the cost, Wasabi is used at cafe when preparing Japanese food.

Fresh Bento Box

If you are looking to try something new, then I would highly recommend you to visit or order from the Bento Cafe.

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