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September 4, 2016

The Abandoned Beach

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Beaches are known for fun, frolic and happy outings with our loved ones. But, a beach that is deserted since years and is famous for the spooky stories behind it.

The Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujarat is known to be a haunted place that was abandoned long time back. A crematorium ground for Hindus, this place has in store various mystical stories and activities left behind. One of the black sand beaches in India, alongside the Arabian Sea has secrets that come out with screams, strange cries and whispers that are heard by the tourists and morning walkers.

This beach has a mysterious beauty hidden behind the shores that remain untouched. Being a burial ground for the tortured souls, the Dumas beach greets you with certain warnings asking you to not cross limits while on the beach.

Reports say; that many people have disappeared while they were on the beach and were never found again. The reason behind it is still unknown. The paranormal world that exists on the beach is surely giving you the best time of your life.

P.S – If you are a ghost lover, only then can you love the activities and have a good time of your life. Go at your own risk.

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  • Very useful information about haunted places . Thanks for sharing it with with us…

    Max Trance April 30, 2017 1:08 pm Reply

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