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July 25, 2016

10 Tattoos for Vagabond Girls

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The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatu” which means “to mark something”. And nowadays, there is a trend to get inked! Though some of us get a particular design done with some meaning and purpose while others just doodle something random. But do you know every tattoo has a different meaning? So there are some tattoos which are perfect and they carry a message which might define a part of your soul. If you’re a girl who loves to travel and wander, then you’ve landed yourself at the right place.

#1 Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are very feminine, pretty and have a beautiful meaning. This design is quite popular among girls. The wings of the butterfly represent our desire to be free, and travel around the world. This often brings out the wanderlust part of yours. Girls often go for this design because it is stimulating and adds a vibrant ray in their lives.

Butterfly is a wonder of Nature. It is born as a caterpillar only to undergo the process of metamorphosis and emerge as a butterfly. Thus, the butterfly signifies drastic changes. It is also associated with Rebirth and Resurrection. It stands for the symbol of love and spirituality. In Greek, butterfly is called ‘psyche’. It is named after the goddess Psyche, the goddess of soul. She was believed to have fallen deeply in love and married Eros or Cupid, the Greek god of Love, Desire and Affection.

tattoos: butterfly


#2 Stars

Stars symbolize truth, spirit, different religious connections and hope. They are the source of light in the vast space where there is darkness all over. It is a thing of beauty and elegance. It is design which gives you hope. As they say ” All of these stars will guide us home”.

There are different types of stars such as nautical star tattoo, shooting star, tribal star and falling star. The nautical stars were used by sailors for navigation during the night. The North star would help them find their way back home. The shooting star often stands for a child’s desire because at a young age, almost every child either wants to be a star or go to the stars. Shooting stars also signify the drastic changes one undergoes in their life. The tribal star is commonly inked by the vagabonds. It is geometric in shape. It symbolizes the desire to make new discoveries, such as visit new places. The falling stars signifies the cycle of life. The shooting stars has to fall somewhere, so the falling stars depict that life has come full circle.

Tattoos: star

#3 Moon 

The moon is a huge part of our lives. It represents energy, eternity, dreams, divinity, magic and many more. There can be various designs for moon like, half moon, full moon, a celestial cycle of the moon. Apart from its meaning it tends to define your sensuality, fertility, growth, creativity and beliefs.

Moon tattoos believes in the power of celestial powers. Moon has a whimsical side which depicts the appreciation of history and science of astronomy. The meaning of a moon tattoo increases on pairing with the sun or a wolf. Moon tattoos can be of various kinds. The half moon tattoo signifies the duality of your nature or of life itself. Crescent moon signifies the expulsion of negativity, thus leading to growth and creativity. Full moon symbolizes strength and the ability to incorporate your dreams, desires and beliefs. Blue moon stands for a rare event of life or to celebrate a personal accomplishment.

Tattoos: moon

#4 Feathers

Feathers have a great significance and history. It is a very beautiful design and represents loss and death or luck and birth depending on how you take them to be. Different types of feathers have different meanings. Before doing any kind of feather tattoo it’s, better to know their meaning first, so be careful ! But feather designs look really attractive.

The feather tattoo of a particular bird signifies the bird’s character, such as truth, bravery, courage, travel or freedom. Birds can fly easily, so a feather tattoo usually signifies free souls. So, it is common among wanderlusters because they search for something better or different. Earlier feathers were used as pens, therefore they could depict ideas, intellectuality and the ability to communicate your thoughts. Coloured feathers like red feather signifies passion, white feather signifies hope, peace and faith, and blue feather signifies inspiration. Bird feathers like peacock feather signifies beauty and owl feather signifies your honour towards culture.

tattoos: feather


#5 Musical Notes

To have this tattoo it’s not necessary that you have to be a musician to get a musical note doodled. Music is something which gives pleasure and define our  passion. It makes you feel free and infinite. The musical notes represents our passion in art.

Music is a language that people connect through. Music choice describes your personality. Music is said to opens minds and transport you to a completely different world. Musical notes tattoos signify love, passion, hope and energy just like music helps you to connect with the world and also express your feelings. Musical notes stand for your ideas and inspiration.

tattoos: musical note


#6 Birds

Bird tattoos comes in various shapes and forms. Birds represent freedom probably that is the reason vagabonds are more attracted towards them. Though different birds symbolize different meanings – Peacock represents beauty while Dove represents hope and peace. Before getting a bird tattoo do decide what you exactly want this will help you to select the design. These majestic creatures looks really appealing on your collarbone crevasse.

Birds have traits that humans aspire such as to fly. This lead to the creation of planes and parachutes. Birds stand for freedom, nobility, protection, spirituality, motherhood, family, beauty, elegance, love, peace and knowledge.

tattoos: birds


#7 Dream Catchers 

Dream catchers are a popular choice for a tattoo. They are believed to chase bad dreams away. Dream catchers also represent good luck, fortune, success and happiness. They look very fetching in a delicate way.

Dream catchers are handmade and originated in Native American culture. It acts like a filter to chase away bad dreams and bad omen. Thus, a dream catcher tattoo stands for safety and protection. Since it originated amongst the native Americans, many also ink it as a symbol of heritage. For vagabonds to make a dream catcher tattoo means to seek the good things despite all odds. So, even in the lost paths they can find their things of joy.

tattoos: dream catcher


#8 Anchor

This one is famous from the time of the sailors and most popular design seen by far. The anchor represents strong foundation, stability and journey. Travelling around the sea, not to bounded with restriction this is what it symbolizes. This anchor could be a little something on your finger. As Tolkien said,” Not all those who wander are lost” .

Anchor also has Biblical significance, describing Jesus’ connection to the sea. Strangely, according to Egyptians, the anchor has feminine and masculine significance. The crescent of the anchor is the female vagina and the rod is the male phallus. However, the anchor stands for various other things such as loyalty, dedication towards the greater good, honour, stability ad security, hope, protection, salvation, and enlightenment. So if you are a vagabond and you find something that is your rock, that is where you can place your anchor.

tattoos: anchor


#9 Phoenix 

Phoenix is a mythological bird who burns itself and emerges to life from its own ashes. It will be a symbol of your insanity and madness which defines your individuality. It symbolizes immortality and rebirth. This is the sign of paradox, which will definitely fascinate the fire in you.

The phoenix who could emerge out of death gives vagabonds and wanderlusts the hope and inspiration to never give up. They must go on their journey to seek what they really want. Phoenix stands for power, strength, renewal, grace and virtue. So, when you know you are going through the darkest storms, you will still emerge like a burning phoenix.

tattoos: phoenix


#10 Sun

The Sun stands for energy, courage and strength because of it’s a hot, burning heavenly body. Sun tattoos can signify various aspects of you and your life such as- life giving, energy, vitality, power, inner strength, pride, protection, intellect, beliefs and optimism. The sun sets every day, only to rise again. So, a rising sun tattoo signifies renewal and rebirth. If you are scared of being lost and unsuccessful, ink this tattoo because it will inspire and give you the strength to work hard every single day. A vagabond cannot succumb to his or her fear. Your fears are what you fight!

tattoos: sun


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