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August 27, 2017

Tarzan Your Way into These 12 Tree House Hotels

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Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point

Have you ever thought of living your childhood dreams like sleeping in a tree house?  Here are top 12 tree house hotels from around the world for you to taste the rustic, luxurious, and even the futuristic life. Some are high in the jungle, others in the open-air, and one is even in an old airplane fuselage. Take a look and plan your next holiday in one of these awesome tree house hotels.

#1 Green Village

Have you ever dreamt of spending your time in a 6-story tall bamboo treehouse hotel then the Green Village in Bali is your option?  The rate is $325/night.

#2 Tree House Lodge

The Tree House Lodge is situated in Limón, Costa Rica.  Rates are $300 for two people and $450-600 for six people/night.

#3 TreeHotel

This tree house hotel is in Harads, Sweden. You can spend your night for an out-of-this-World experience.  The rates are $680/night for 2 and $1100/night for 4.

#4 Finca Bellavista Community

This 350-acre tree house in Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica gets its power from solar. The rate is $90-250/night for 2 people.

#5 Ariau Amazon Towers

The Ariau Amazon Towers located in Manaus, Brazil and is in the heart of the jungle exactly on the Amazon River. The rates are $1250/night.

#6 Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point

Of the rooms for rent in this treehouse hotel in Fall City, Washington, Temple of the Blue Moon is the best as it is stuck between two trees.  Rates start from $150/night and average $195-$275/ night.

#7 727 Fuselage Hotel

As a division of the Costa Verde Resort, the 727 Fuselage Hotel is located high above the ocean in the flourishing Costa Rican jungle.  The plane is a classic 1965 Boeing 727 that was renovated into a 2 bedroom suite with remarkable views.  The cost of renting the whole plane with two bedrooms is $500/ night.  They also have rooms for $60/night.

#8 The Human Nest

The big, wood-woven art set up turned lodging in Big Sur, California is the ideal way to uncover yourself, one with the natural world as it builds a cocoon of tranquility.  Human Nest Tree House is $150/night. The Sibley tents are $130, while the Yurts are $225-255 for 2 people and an additional $30 each for 2 more people.

#9 Les Cabanes de Fontaine

These are the fantasy tree house hotels in France.  Rates for 2 people are $150-175/night.

#10 Kadir’s Tree House

This treetop hotel is situated in Olympos, Turkey. You can find 2 bars on site. The beds cost $10-30/night per person.

#11 Chateaux dans les Arbres

The Châteaux dans les Arbres in France is a remarkable set of 5 treehouses for rent.  The rates range from $250-350/night.

#12 Out n About Treesort

Built across 36 acres, the Out’n’About Treesort located in Takilma, Oregon, has eighteen tree houses.  The 2 person units are $130-150/night and 4 person is $250-300/night.

Featured Image Source: https://www.flickr.com

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