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March 16, 2018

9 Effective Talcum Powder Uses

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Most of us have replaced talcum powder with deos, perfumes and body spray without realizing the benefit of talcum powder. Talcum powder is one of the best products to absorb moisture. It controls sweat production in our body and prevents fungal infections (something which our expensive perfumes are incapable of doing). Talcum Powder is not just to keep our underarms fresh. There are many other talcum powder uses that you may not have heard of. One of the most effective talcum powder uses is to incorporate in our daily beauty regime. Say goodbye to everyday makeup problems with talcum powder. We bring 9 beauty hacks with talcum powder.

#1 Dry Shampoo

Did you snooze your alarm clock way too many times or need to attend a last minute event? In either case, if you have no time to shampoo then talcum powder is here to rescue. With the help of powder brush, take a bit of talcum powder. Shake off the excess powder and dab it on your scalp. Evenly apply talc on your scalp. Brush off the excess powder with a wide tooth comb. You will not feel your hair sticky or smelly.

Talcum Powder Uses - Dry Shampoo

#2 Filling Eyebrows

Planning to apply nude makeup? Before filling in your brows, dust a little baby talc to get a fuller and more natural look.

Talcum Powder Uses - Fuller Eyebrows

#3 Baking

By baking, we certainly do not mean cooking. Got no time to conceal your dark circles or uneven skin? One of the easiest way to cover dark circles is with talcum powder. Make sure you wash and dry your face for effective results.

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Talcum Powder Uses - Dark Circle

#4 Fuller Lashes

Don’t we all want those thick fuller lashes? Instead of buying those outrageous mascara that promise fuller volume, try talcum powder. Take one of your old mascara brushes (make sure its clean) and apply talcum powder. Now apply your regular mascara. Ta-da!

Talcum Powder Uses - Fuller Lashes

#5 Eye Primer

Eye makeup and summers do not gel together. It is extremely hard to keep your eye makeup in perfect condition in summers. If you are attending a day wedding or can not live without eye makeup then apply talcum powder on your eye lids before applying your regular eye makeup. Talcum powder will absorb the moisture and will hold your eye makeup for long.

Talcum Powder Uses - Eye Primer

#6 Matte Lips

Did you know that you can convert any of your glossy shades into matte? Apply your favorite lipstick shade. Cover the lips with a tissue paper. With the help of powder brush, dab talcum powder over the issue. Gently take off the tissue paper. Your matte lips are ready!

Talcum Powder Uses - Matte Lipstick

#7 Remove Oil

Have you noticed, our skin looks shiny/oily after applying heavy makeup? The look is definitely not appealing and makes most of uncomfortable. With the help of a blush brush, evenly apply talcum powder on your face. Your makeup will stay for longer and your face will not look shiny.

Talcum Powder Uses - Oily Makeup

#8 Absorbs Sweat

One of the most effective talcum powder uses is that it absorbs sweat. If you have sweaty palms or feet then use talcum powder to absorb excess moisture. Sweating can also make waxing harder. Hence, beauticians rub talcum powder before and after waxing your skin.

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#9 Bye-Bye Odour

Tired of stinky feet or shoes? Just dust off your shoes with talcum powder and you will not be embarrassed to leave them in public place.

Talcum Powder Uses - Stinky Shoes

These were useful talcum powder uses. You could also use talcum powder to dust off sand from your beach clothes or lighten grease marks on your favorite t-shirt. Have we missed any talcum powder uses? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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