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June 11, 2016

How To Tackle The Stigma Of Body Shaming

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Your Body is Not Wrong. Society Is.

How many times have people told you that you look fat? You don’t have a pretty face? You are too skinny? A bag o’bones? A barrel of fries? Or you should wear more makeup to look beautiful? If it had happened to you even once, then you were a victim of Body Shaming.

Body shaming, the practice of criticising people publicly for being too fat or too thin. It seems any type of ‘body shaming‘ is totally acceptable and rarely challenged. Nicole Arbour, in her highly controversial video “Dear Fat People”, said that by insulting and fat-shaming people, they might actually start losing weight. She gave some really negative views about fat people which you can see here. In response, many people, YouTubers and even celebrities spoke against the hateful video. A parody “Dear Skinny People” by DavidSoComedy gave a fiery backlash to Arbour’s rant. You can see the parody here.

Body shaming is done worldwide. It can happen to you, to me, your neighbour, your friends or any of your family members. Many celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have faced it too, just like you.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you some amazing tips so that the next time someone insults you, you won’t hide yourself and be openly victimized by them:

#1 Accept your body

When was the last time you really looked in the mirror and told yourself that you are beautiful? Seriously, start loving yourself. Admire your curves or your petite figure. Find beauty in your beautiful face. Start doing this today. Start doing this now.

#2 Engage Yourself In Happy Activities

Do what makes you feel good and happy, be it reading, writing, listening to music, dancing or gardening. Surround yourself with positive aura and trash the things that make you insecure.

#3 Don’t Be A Part Of Gossip

If you can’t stop people in gossiping about you, then don’t be a part of someone else’s gossip either. Supporting others in bullying someone, will also make you a bully.

#4 Confront Your Friends And Family

Talk to them, tell them how you feel when someone tries to put you down because of your physical appearance. Ask them to stop it, they will surely understand.

#5 Counsel Others

Counsel other people who, just like you, have been victims of body shaming; it will help them build their confidence.

#6 Ignore The Bullies For Good

Ignore people who point out your flaws all the time. They forget that when they point a finger at you, three of theirs are pointing back at themselves. Ignoring will not make you a sufferer. It will make you a more matured person.

#7 Answer Insufferable Bullies With A Mouth-Shutting Comment

I know, keeping your calm amidst all these bullies is easier said than done, but when the bullying becomes unbearable, a scathing comment from your side would shut them up. I do not want you to fall to their standards but sometimes, these bullies need a taste of their own medicines.

#8 Surround Your Beautiful Self With Beautiful People

We all deserve 3 things in life – Good food, good wine, and good people. So why keep listening to negative people yapping about what’s wrong in you? Cut these people out of your life as if they’re tumors. Be in company of those who make you feel happy and confident about your bold, beautiful self!

Body shaming is something that should never ever be taken lightly. If it happens to you, raise your voice against it. If you unconsciously do it to someone else, remember that no one is perfect. Spread love but not hate.

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