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May 17, 2017

5 Symptoms Of Beer Allergy

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As a child we must have heard a lot about allergies, whether it’s any kind of food allergy or allergy from any other foreign particle. But have you ever heard of alcohol  allergy? Can you be allergic to beer?  Yes at times we do get allergy from alcohol especially from beer. A number of people do have beer allergy but the only thing you need to keep in mind is what are the various signs which can help you to know that you are allergic to beer.

#1 Experiencing Flush Reaction

This is also known as Asian glow. This flush reaction is a very uncomfortable way of showing that your body is allergic to beer. Your entire body will become bright red and you will feel warm in every touch. This reaction can be extremely uncomfortable. You might even feel a bit dizzy and your face can break out in blotches and blemishes.

Beer Allergy- Flush reaction

#2 Getting Hives

Breaking out in hives everywhere seems to be a serious allergic reaction. It shows that you are facing anaphylaxis, which turns your entire body hypersensitive. If you feel that the red spots are becoming too itchy then stop drinking immediately. Hives are a sign that you are allergic to sulphites. One must take extra caution if you are suffering from asthma.

Beer Allergy- Hives


#3 Swelling of Nose and Mouth

If you feel any part of your nose or mouth swelling up, then you are allergic to histamine, a compound generated by bacteria and yeast which is generally found in alcohol. Swelling of the nasal passageway can result in breathing difficulty, please don’t take it lightly.

Beer Allergy- Swelling Of Mouth And Nose


#4 Having stomach cramps and nausea

Beer isn’t a very pleasant thing to put in your stomach. But there is even no need to fight with intense pain with a few glasses of beer. Having stomach cramps and feeling nausea is a sign of having allergy. Having allergy to histamine swells your blood vessels and causes stomach cramps.

Beer Allergy- Stomach Cramps And Nausea


#5 Rapid Heartbeat- Serious Symptom Of Beer Allergy

This is a main factor which comes under the feature of beer allergies. When your skin turns bright red and you can’t stop having hives you should not be even surprised if your heart rate increases from the normal rate. You might even feel uncomfortable, but relax for a few moments to calm down you and to stop getting these reactions.

Beer Allergy- Rapid Heartbeat


These were some of the common allergic reactions to beer. Don’t avoid the symptoms of beer allergy, take it much more seriously.

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