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January 4, 2017

Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games to Become a Reality Soon

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I have always been a fan of fictional books and wished to become a part of the fictional universes. I wanted to learn wizardry at Hogwarts or fall down a rabbit hole to reach Wonderland. I always wished that a walk through a cupboard will take me to Narnia or for a telephone box to actually be TARDIS. But one universe that I’ve never wanted to be a part of was the universe where The Hunger Games is set. After all, who would want to be trapped in an arena with people who want to kill you? But I guess, I was wrong.

Taking the game of reality shows a few notch above is the upcoming Russia reality show ‘Game2: Winter’.  The show will see 30 participants, male and female, stranded in Siberian wilderness for nine months. The prize money of $1.6 million will be split amongst the participants who survive till 1st April 2018, 9 months after the show begins. The entire area, spanning 1000 acres, will be covered by 2000 cameras and a 24×7 live coverage of the same will be available online.

Various reports online state that the organisers of the show have boasted that everything is allowed, including murder and rape. Think it’s fabricated? According to the official website, “Participants will live in the forest as they desire, no one sets the rules of conduct.” A post on the official group of Game2: Winter on VK (a popular social networking site in Russia),  “Each party agrees that it can be maimed and even killed.”

But here’s the catch. The participants are also warned of possible implications if the Russian law is violated. The rule on the official website states that “For infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation the participant leaves the project, without the right on prize-winning and is passed in law enforcement bodies.”

To sum it up, let me just list down a few ‘challenges’ or ‘risks’:

# Temperatures will range from 35° C in high summer to minus 40° C or lower in the depths of the Siberian winter.
# Wolves and bears roam freely in the area.
# Knives are allowed, guns are not.
# You can do whatever you want (including murder and rape); but the police can come and take you away if any laws are broken.

Oh yes, before I forget, the participants must be ‘mentally sane’. Watch the preview of the show.

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