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March 13, 2017

13 Super Interesting Hollywood Facts

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The producers spent more money on making the movie Titanic 1997 which was even more than the making of actual ship!’ Isn’t it an interesting Hollywood fact? We love gossips. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, we love to read every gossip magazine to de-stress ourselves and forget about our mundane life. Hollywood has been the dream destination for those who seek to make it big and get that fame. The famous district hosts various movies every year and there are numerous mind-boggling Hollywood facts some of which have been listed here.

These 13 unbelievable Hollywood facts are absolutely true. So read on to know some of the interesting Hollywood facts which were hidden from you till now:

#13 The movie ‘Finding Nemo’ hadn’t actually started at a sad note. It wasn’t even Nemo’s debut!

Instead Nemo’s  mother’s death was shown through flashbacks but animators thought of changing the story in order to make viewers understand the overprotective nature of Marlin. Yes, Nemo has already been featured just two years before its release in Monster Inc. (2001).

Unbelievable hollywood facts: finding-nemo


Unbelievable hollywood facts: finding Nemo


#12 Superbad (2007), Anchorman (2004), The Big Lebowoki (1998) among the worst movies ever made!

So, if you think that Twilight Sagas or Disaster Movie just wasted your money well you have these three also up in the list to waste your time and money.

Unbelievable hollywood facts: worst movies


Unbelievable hollywood facts: Worst movies


#11 In over 25 films and TV shows Sean Bean played and then died. 

GOT star Ned Stark acted in over 25 films and TV shows died after playing the role. So yeah! He proved it  right that Y.O.L.O.S ( You Only Live One Season).

Unbelievable hollywood facts: sean bean


#1o For Shelley Duvall’s lonely and hopeless character to look real, the director had asked everyone on the sets to be rude and mean to Shelley.

This is what brought reality to the look of the character.

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Shelley Duvall in the Shining


#9 Forget censor board! Cannibal Holocaust  was gruesome that the director had to prove a judge that actors were not murdered.

The director was arrested for 10 days in charge of murder as the court couldn’t believe that the murder scene. He was required to prove himself innocent by proving how the murder scene was shot. As the court couldn’t trust the fake murder scene and took it for real. Poor Ruggero!

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Cannibal Holocaust


#8 Sigourney Weaver did the impossible thing possible in the movie Alien.

The ‘impossible’ basketball shot in Alien: Resurrection is not really impossible. Sigourney Weaver actually did it!

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Alien Resurrection


#7 Ronald Reagan was once denied to play a role of a President.

Yes! The 40th US President of US was denied the role of a President in a play called ‘The Best Man’ when he auditioned for the role in 1960 as the producers didn’t find him presidential enough for that role. But yes he turned out to be a real President.

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Ronald Reagan


#6 Walt Disney refused Alfred Hitchcock to direct his movie in Disneyland because Walt found Psycho disgusting.

Well well well Alfred Hitchcock himself is afraid of his own movies. He says, “I’m frightened of my own movies. I never go to see them. I don’t know how people can bear to watch my movies.”

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney


#5 The extras in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness were homeless. They were paid money and given free meals.

Chris Gardner’s interview of how he went on to being from homeless to multimillionaire led to the movie. He even reveals that the extras were taken care and provided with food and money. This totally proves that even in the film making industry humanity still holds on the hands of needy!

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Will Smith


#4 JLaw was supposed to be Bella in Twilight.

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella in The Twilight Saga. Before going for The Hunger Games she went for Twilight series but couldn’t get through it. Well, she’s glad for not getting up there.

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Jennifer Lawrence


#3 My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) earned fat money but not the first position.

Interesting Hollywood fact is that the 2002 Nia Vardalos and John Corbett starrer movie is one of the highest grossing movie but it could never reach the first position. Yes, it’s true that it couldn’t earn that position but surely earned a lot.

Unbelievable Hollywood facts: The big fat greek wedding


#2 CGI did wonders in Toy Story (1995).

Toy Story released in 1995 features the first ever CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) work. With the budget of $30 million and earned around $373.6 million. And yes it is every 90’s kid’s favorite movie.

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Toy Story


#1 Arnold earned $15 million for Terminator 2.

Yes, it is quite an interesting fact about Hollywood that for speaking 700 words Arnold Schwarzenegger earned $15 million. Which meant that he earned $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost $85,716.

Well, if it was valid for women, every women had been a billionaire!

Unbelievable hollywood facts: Terminator 2


Are we missing any Hollywood facts from the list above? Leave a comment below for us to add it.

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