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February 1, 2016

Sunny Leone kept her cool on the #hotseat but created a sensation

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Sunny Leone and Bhupendra Chaubay

It wasn’t a really sunny day for Sunny Leone when CNN IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey interviewed her. His attitude and narrow mindset has got the entire nation stand up and support Sunny Leone.

While Mr. Chaubey thinks that Aamir Khan would not work to with Sunny because of her past, Aamir Khan showed his support on Twitter. These 5 thoughts came to our mind when we watched the interview and were shocked with his misogynist attitude that he carried for 20 odd minutes.

1. Just couldn’t get past her past


He behaved like a persistent and fussy 3 year old kid who wants things his way. He just wanted Sunny to admit for once that she was ashamed of her past because he felt she should be. While Sunny definitely proved the saying believe in yourself.

2. Reason behind pornography


According to Mr. Dubey, it is because of Ms. Leone that pornography has increased in India. Let us remind him that because of Sunny people now openly use the term porn. Before she entered the industry, porn movies were made but were called blue films. As a matter fact, Debonair, an adult magazine was founded in 1971 – way before Sunny Leone was born.

3. She threatens married women


Umm.. seriously? Was a survey conducted? Married women have lot on her plate rather than worry about Sunny Leone.

4. Mastizaade has no sex scene!

Now why did this fact shock him? Because every Bollywood movie made today is not complete without a sex scene? Tusshar Kapoor’s Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 with Mandana Karimi is a sex-comedy movie and it has no Sunny Leone! Even telly’s Ram Kapoor’s Bade Acche Lagte Hain and  Kasam Se had questionable scenes.

5. Rename the show to cold seat


Recently, Aamir Khan had to step down as Incredible India‘s ambassador because of his comments towards intolerance in India. Does that mean even CNN IBN should ask Mr. Chaubey to step down because of his comments? Unfortunately, it is not a big deal. He recently interviewed Anupam Kher on his show #hotseat.

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