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July 16, 2016

Sunday Brunch – Short Story

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His cell buzzed.

“How much longer would it take you to come home?”, her message read.

It was 8th March 2015, the day of their first anniversary. Though the marriage was an arranged one, the two had been quite comfortable with one another and slowly couldn’t help but fall for each other. The idea of celebrating their first year of togetherness made the both of them all excited. Rather than going on a fancy dinner date or throwing a lavish party, they decided to stay at home in each other’s company and enjoy the Sunday brunch. However, due to an urgent meeting at office, he had to leave for work.

As she placed their anniversary cake in the oven to bake. She recalled how quickly a year had passed by, how at once they were complete strangers to each other and now they knew each other better than anyone else. As she was immersed in nostalgia. Her cell buzzed. It was a message from him.

“Coming in dot 20 minutes. On my way.”

She sighed. She couldn’t wait for another 20 minutes, she wanted to be with him in his arms as soon as possible.

She texted back, “Please come faster, I cannot wait to see you.”

He replied immediately, “Bought your favourite orchids. Would be there very soon. What are we having for our brunch? I am starving.”

Her happiness no knew bounds. She immediately texted him back.

“I have cooked your favourite dish for our brunch together.”

A couple of minutes later her cell buzzed again.

“Is it that lovely pasta you make? I am going to eat it all.” His message read.

She giggled and thought how the previous time she cooked pasta it was nothing but a disaster, yet he ate it all with a smile and wants to eat it all again, She thought how these small gestures made her fall in love with him deeper and deeper day after day.

With a beautiful smile on her face, she texted saying,

“Eagerly waiting for you.”

In the meantime there was a beep. It was the oven, the cake was finally ready.

She placed the cake from the oven and onto the table, it smelled heavenly, She had made sure to bake a chocolate cake. Chocolates were his personal favourite. Now that all was set she couldn’t wait for him to reach home. As the minutes ticked by her excitement turned into anxiousness. She grabbed her cell, scrolled though the messages. There wasn’t any new message from him.

So she texted, “Where are you?”

She waited for a few more minutes but got no reply. She tried calling him, but it couldn’t connect. Almost an hour had passed now. She was completely tensed and worried “What could it had been?” she thought, probably a flat tyre or the car’s engine might have broken down.

Suddenly her cell rang. Her eyes cheered up and she jumped with excitement, it must be him.

“Hello, is this Mrs Bajaj?

Yes, she answered in a low voice.

“I am calling from the City Hospital, your husband has been hurt in a car accident. Please come here as soon as possible.

When she reached the hospital her face was wet with tears, she had no idea what had suddenly happened to her beautiful life. Later, she got to know he couldn’t survive the accident. When he was texting her while driving a truck tried to overtake him, he lost his control and his car crashed into a tree.

She wondered how he said he was just 20 minutes away from home, if only she they had not texted each other while he was driving. They would have been enjoying the Sunday Brunch together on their first anniversary.

The truth however unfolded to be completely different. All because of little carelessness.

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