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July 11, 2016

Sun Salutation And Its Benefits

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Without sun, life won’t be possible. Sun Salutation or popularly called Surya Namaskara, is about paying our respect and showing our gratitude to the sun through Yoga. Only knowing what the salutation is about isn’t enough, acknowledging the science and the ancient technique involved behind it is also equally important.

It has been supposed by the primordial Rishis that all parts of the body exhibit in them a form of divine light and are associated with the sun; this is the reason why performing Surya Namaskara has always been recommended as it enhances one’s creativity and intuitive capability.

Surya Namaskar is a series of 12 postures, to be performed, if possible, during dawn as it freshens up the mood and the body for the day. All the asanas attempted help in warming and stretching the body. If done at a faster pace, it acts as a cardio workout and helps one lose body fat.

What yoga does to our body is not even comparable to what happens when we go to a gym. The result is far better and healthier for the body. Yoga is considered as the best way to exercise by not only Indians but by people all around the globe, thus making it one of the greatest inventions. The manifold advantage of performing it helps in maintaining the calm composition of our body.

a) It improves concentration for children in today’s time of peak competition in the field of education. Surya Namaskar practiced in their daily schedule boosts their morale and power, their entire capability of performing their best in academics, sports or any creative form. It reduces stress and anxiety from the mind and bestows strength and vigour. Kids as young as 5 year olds are competent in performing the salutations.

b) It has been concluded that Surya Namaskara does what even couple months of dieting cannot, for all those people who are weight and calories conscious, the 12 asanas help in shedding those extra calories faster than any other exercise; it also aids in losing that belly fat. Regular practice of it also helps in reducing menstrual pain and regulates the cycle.

c) What Sun Salutation does to your body is not just linear, the benefits of it are innumerable; it does not affect just one part of the body but takes care of the entire physical, mental and psychological construction of the body.

Surya Namaskara is an ancient practice to respect the Sun and its health benefits outweighs any of your excuses to not do it. Try doing Sun Salutations and see the drastic difference in your life, for the better. :)

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