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November 22, 2016

10 Struggles Only A Fangirl Will Understand

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Obsessed with movies, TV shows, books or fictional characters? You think more about the problems they face more than the issues of your life? Are you in love with fictional characters or actors and spend hours on social networking sites admiring their photos and drooling over them? If you’ve done it all, you belong to a global community we call “fangirls”.

A fangirl has to face multiple challenges in daily life. HookedUpon found 10 major struggles in a fangirl’s life and tried to find possible solutions.

#1 Zero Social Life

Your mom is going crazy because you prefer to stay locked in your room with your laptop. You don’t talk to people, you don’t attend any family functions and miss out on your meals. People think you are lazy, but you’ve to take care of your fan pages on Facebook, defend your favourite characters against haters, follow your beloved celebrities on Twitter and Instagram.

Problem: You’re just too busy to socialize.

Solution: Well, you’ve 500 friends on Facebook who are obsessed with the same celebrity and you chat with them day and night. It’s socializing, right?

 Zero Social Life


#2 Fandom Dictionary

Ship, slash, lemon, canon, fanon everything has a different meaning to you. Only a fangirl will understand the language of another fangirl.

Problem: Others might think you speak Minionese.

Solution: Don’t be disappointed. We suggest you to find your own fandom for easy communication.

Fandom Dictionary


#3 Show/book ends at a cliff hanger  

When your favorite books or series have only two pages/episodes left and there are so many unanswered questions, or worse they end in a cliff hanger. We know it is such a struggle to detach from the series or book that you have been watching or reading for a while.The fact that it is nearing its end horrifies you because you don’t know how to part from something that has become your life now. Then you start overthinking on how are you going to deal with this separation? How long will you have to wait for the sequel? What if there is no sequel? What if its the end? All these questions haunt you all throughout, whether you’re eating or attending classes. It is hard and sadly others do not get this. They think you are acting weird and worrying too much unnecessarily. We know, you feel like punching them, but it’s okay! They just don’t get us fangirls. You can chill because your shows and books get you. So they will stay no matter what. You can watch and re-watch as many times as you want. Keep watching till you get the answers of all your questions.

Problem: This will be the most horrible moment of your life.

Solution: Take a deep breathe and start re-watching the show (In case of a book, reread).

Show/book ends at a cliff hanger


#4 Right Here Waiting For You

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Your favorite show airs its season finale or you complete reading the current installment of a series. Now, you’ve to wait a year for the next installment. Your head has hundreds of questions about what could happen next. Like for Game of Thrones, the question of who will die and who will survive the upcoming season keeps pondering in your head. And yes, all of us are hoping that season 8 isn’t the last for GOT series.

Problem: The waiting can be months, years. SHERLOCK fans, trust us, we understand your pain.

Solution: Read Fanfiction, watch fan-vids and collect fan-arts.

Right Here Waiting For You


#5 Fanfictions

While you’re waiting for the next installment of a book to come out or next season of your preferred show, you seek sanctuary in fanfictions. All the doubts and theories in your mind could be shared by some others in this wide world of fans. So why not explore them? Some of them might just turn out to be true. Well, we all did think Jon Snow could be a Targaryen. We did get a hint of that in season 6, let’s see if it turns out to be true in season 7.

Problem: Delayed updates. Keeping track of the old and new fan-fics from the pile of selected stories.

Solution:  Stay in touch with fandom mates.



#6 Love For The Bad Guys

Loki from Thor, Damon from The Vampire Diaries, Moriarty from Sherlock, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, your love and obsession for the bad guys have reached a ridiculous level. But hey, it isn’t always about being bad, you got to check out their acting. Well, Moriarty deserves kudos! How can we not like the chocolate-boy Chuck no matter how mean and proud he was! We cannot stop drooling over his looks and his dressing sense, jaw-dropping! And we cannot ignore how sexy and funny Damon can be. And then, Loki! Well, we all got something for the Brits and their accent. And wait how can we miss out his perfectly carved face and that smile- that isn’t evil, that’s charm!

Problem: Your family and non-fangirl friends are questioning your morality.

Solution: Tell them they’re not bad, they’re simply misunderstood. Afterall, it’s all about PERSPECTIVE!

Love For The Bad Guys


#7  Dressing Like Your Favorite Character

Sometimes, you do not comb your hair because Hermione had really wild hair. You did spend hours on YouTube, learning Katniss braid, buying lots of hair bands because Blair Waldorf loves it, stuffing your wardrobe with distressed jeans because Brooke Davis rocks it. Then you end up buying glasses even if you have a perfect eyesight because Felicity Smoak wears it. You surely must have tried wearing dresses like Carrie Bradshaw and felt like a star on the streets. And yes, you dream of wearing the perfect formals to work just like Dona or Jessica Pearson from Suits.

Problem: Limited resources.

Solution: Start improvising.

Dressing Like Your Favorite Character

#8 Spoiler Phobia

Spoilers are un-wanted piece of information you don’t want to know before watching a show or reading a book. But the more you avoid it, the more people want to give it to you. Well, some of us like to wait for the entire season to be released because we like to watch it all at once. Annoyingly, not everyone gets this. For the ones who give spoilers, you need to understand that we have some expectations and theories built in our minds, you have no right to ruin them!

Problem: It pops up from every corner on the internet.

Solution: Avoid Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter for few hours.

Spoiler Phobia


#9 Connection

People will throw words like ‘drama queen’, but do not get offended because they just don’t get you to be a fangirl. We like to remember the dialogues and connect to our certain life events to scenes from our favourite series and books. We keep referring  to ‘unagi’ to keep ourselves aware of what’s happening around us. And oh boy! Sex and the City gave us numerous moments to connect to. The times when Big and Carrie had troubles in their relationship or when Samantha said, “I love you, but I love me more!”. Many of us have delivered this, “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath”.

Problem: Not everyone connects.

Solution: The world dwells on hope. There is hope that someone, someday will understand your annotations. So keep connecting the scenes and delivering your dialogues.



#10 Dealing with disappointments

People in the fictional world look so perfect. Sadly, we happen to expect the same from real life people, but rarely do they stand up to our expectations. Most of us girls have thought of meeting our Mr. Darcy but not everyone knows who is Mr. Darcy. We wish we could have someone like Chandler who would love us and keep us laughing all the time, but it needs certain talent to have that sense of humour. We so wish we could brunch with our girlfriends like Carrie did with Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, but it is so hard to manage our schedules.

Problem: What you expect is not what you get.

Solution: Sorry honey, but you will have to draw a line between the two worlds- fiction and reality.

dealing with disappointments


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