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August 4, 2016

Stress-Busters! Rejuvenate Yourself

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Being in school, college or office can be extremely stressful. The amount of stress accumulated in your body might showing effects on your health if not taken care of properly and trust me 8 hours of sleep can fix a lot but it cants remove the stress entirely out of the system. Here I give you 7 tips to rejuvenate your mind and body so that you are successfully able to declutter your mind and find peace in whatever work you are doing

#1 Declutter

It might seem like a huge task to sit and straighten your cupboard or your desk but trust me it works. Decluttering anything around you in a moment of stress helps your release it. The brain automatically starts perceiving the mess as a physical representation of the mess inside and when it’s completely cleared your head will feel lighter and maybe you find a permanent solution to your stress in the process and also a cleaner area.

#2 Laze around

Did you know that research shows that those who spend a little time away from chores and appliances and spend a while doing absolutely nothing end up entering their old age in a healthier manner? So take out half an hour every day to lie down and simple read or maybe listen to songs.

#3 Hydrate it all away

Lack of water can also cause serious stress in the body and not only stress it can also prove extremely unhealthy. Plus, in our hectic schedule consumption of soda or coffee only makes the dehydrations worse. So make sure to constantly consume water all day long to avoid dehydration.

#4 Stretch a little

And when I say this I don’t mean stretch your muscles while sitting in a chair. I mean get off it move a little walk around, stretch your arms, touch your toes, maybe do a few simple yoga exercises. Stretching helps in reducing stress and also gives comfort to the back after sitting constantly.

#5 Melodies

Scientifically proven music will always uplift your mood. So take some time out and create a playlist of all your favourite songs that give you an adrenalin rush and moreover give energy to you. I don’t want you to start dancing away but listening to these peppy numbers will surely uplift your mood and reduce stress.

#6 Connect to Nostalgia

Go ahead give a long lost friend a call. Reconnecting with an old friend will give you immense joy and release stress about short term problems as you end up discussing the long term while catching up with a buddy of yours. Trust me this helps.

#7 Pet it away

Petting a dog or puppy might make the puppy happy but little did you know that it releases stress in your body as well It has been scientifically proven that simply petting a dog can reduce stress. So go out to a park when you’re extremely stressed and go meet some friendly dogs and pet them a while.

There is no point taking stress over something that won’t last forever. Tomorrow you will feel silly stressing over the same issues so go ahead and enjoy while you can.

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