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July 29, 2016

Stationery World Expo – A Big Letdown!

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I am not a rain lover. On a rainy day, I like to stay indoors and keep myself dry. But today was different; it was the first day of Stationery World Expo and I had to go. To avoid congestion we decided to take metro. The walk from station to the expo is about 10 minutes. I would recommend to take free shuttle service which is available as soon as you enter Gate No. 10 of Pragati Maidan.
Once you reach the hall, you are required to register yourself and get visitor pass. The entry is free. However, at this point you will feel a bit confused. The reason is because there is no mention of stationery expo and you will only see Gifts Expo banners plastered. To reconfirm we were in right hall and at right place, I asked the management. I was told the exhibit is a combination of gifts and stationery expo.
Still hoping for a ray of hope, we went inside the first exhibit area. Hugo Boss and Godrej had set up their booths. The remaining exhibits were for corporates looking for Diwali gifts. It was a letdown and we went to second exhibit area. There were absolutely no stationery booths. Yes, if you are looking for planners or pens for your employees then you are at right place.
The entire exhibit took us about an hour and there were no stationery booths for stationery lovers. If you are planning to go to this expo and buy those cool stationery trinkets then I would highly suggest you give this exhibit a pass and plan something else this weekend.

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