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January 16, 2018

15 Static Hair/Flyaway Hair Home Remedies

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Static Hair or Flyaway Hair

Drop in few degrees and the heaters are turned on, A perfect invitation to ruin any captivating hairstyle.  Ever felt the spark jumping from your body while touching someone in winters?  The spark you feel is due to static electricity.

The science behind static electricity:  Do you remember the simple model of an atom from physics taught in high school? How a nucleus of an atom consists of neutrons and protons (positive)? The atom’s shell is made of electrons but when two objects come in contact, electrons are transferred which leads to to charge imbalance and reason for static electricity. But what is the reason for static hair or flyaway hair particularly in winters? A dry material allows an electron to build up and this leads to imbalance. For instance, certain materials that conduct static electricity are carpet, dry skin and plastic comb. That is why it is extremely important to nourish your skin and hair and in winters, your skin and hair need that extra care.

Now its time to tame flyaways be free from static hair in winter. We bring 15 natural static hair solutions that will teach you how to get static out of hair.

#15 Avoid rubber soles

The comfort providing shoes can drive your  hair insane. Wondering how? Rubber gathers electronic charge, that charge passes through your body and is then released through your hair. So, it’s probably a better idea to avoid rubber soles during winter.

static Hair Solutions - rubber sole

#14 Say goodbye to synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester and their combos can really bring your dream of a perfect hair to end. Due to friction, they generate the great amount of static charge. Leading to flyaways. Natural fibers like wool and silk don’t do good to your hair either but, still, they are far better than synthetic fibers.

Static Hair Solutions - Avoid Polyester

#13 Moisturise your room

When air is dry, you can use a humidifier in the room to prevent hair damage. Humidifiers would not just provide moisture to the room but also make the room temperature rise by few degrees. If you don’t have a humidifier. Sprinkle some water in each room and water evaporation would provide room much needed moisture.

static hair solutions - humidifiers

#12 Hair oil

Oil the best remedy for many hair related issues and can solve your static hair in winter problem. Before blow drying, apply hair oil to the ends. A little oil can work for an entire day!

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Static Hair Solutions - Hair Oil

#11 Instant solution: Body Lotion

So, you have a hard time to overcome the static hair problem. Moreover, you are looking for an easy peasy way to get over it without too much of drama!  Just take some body lotion in your hands, allow it to absorb in hands and gently run your hands through hair to give them a little moisture. One the easiest static hair solutions.

static hair solutions - body lotion

#10 Pin up your hair

Static hair can be really irritating at time. Pin up your hair to keep the static hair away from your face.

static hair solutions - hair clips

#9 Ionic Blow dryers

In order to neutralize positive charges, you need negative ions and that’s what ionic blow dryer does. Instead of evaporating moisture from the hair, it breaks down water molecules, without stripping moisture from your hair. Moisture in the hair leads to less generation of static electricity.

static hair solutions - ion hair dryer


#8 Dry your hair with a shirt or micro fiber towel

The kind of fabric you use to dry your hair can actually make a lot of difference. For instance, using a rough can cause friction, instead, use microfiber towel if possible. Shirt or paper towels allow hair cuticles to close and thus reduces static electricity.

static hair solutions - micro fiber towel

#7 Use Hydrating shampoo

Moisture can reduce static electricity. Normal shampoos can leave your hair dry. Switch to a shampoo that contains extra moisture. Even if your hair is moisturized normally, still, switch to hydrating shampoos during winter since the generation of static electricity is much higher during dry seasons. Moreover, maintain a gap of 48 hours between each time your shampoo. Shampooing every day can leave your hair all dry and can lead to static hair in winter.

static hair solutions - shampoo

#6 Hairspray

Hairspray helps hair to stay in shape since it contains a lot of moisture in it. A little hold on hair can reduce static hair and eliminate static charge as well. But, remember that overdoing this trick can make a condition worse by making hair dry, since, hairsprays contain alcohol.

Static Hair Solutions - Hairspray

#5 Change your comb and brushes

If you use a plastic comb for brushing your hair then stop it right now! By, using plastics you are giving an invitation to static charge. Switch combs from plastic to metal or wooden combs. You can even go for combs with wider teeth, it produces less static charge than comb with close teeth. Pay a little more attention to the comb you use.

Static Hair Solutions - Wooden Comb

#4 Condition your hair

With dry air hair, static always follows! Try some deep conditioning treatments once a week to get rid of frizzy and dry hair. Deep conditioning can seal strands and prevent moisture from hair to seep in. This technique would leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

Static Hair Solutions - Hair Conditioner

#3 Rub dryer sheets

Dryer sheets, yes the one with sweet fragrance is an assured remedy for static hair. Gently rub dryer sheets on hair strands or attach them with a comb to see better results. An easy alternative is rubbing dry sheets on the pillow.

Static Hair Solutions - Dryer Sheets

#2 Magical formula of H20

So, you are outside your home in a meeting or on a date. But your hair looks all weird. Here is an instant remedy to get rid of static hair. Just apply some water on the frizzy strands. Your hair will look wonderful and not electrocuted.

Static Hair Solutions - Spritz Water

#1 Pick a perfect hairstyle

Avoid keeping your hair down during winters. Opt for buns and braids to keep your hair in control and avoid bad mood.

static hair solutions - braid

We hope these simple to follow flyaway hair home remedies will give you static-free hair in winter. These static hair solutions are absolutely natural and have no side-effects.

Featured image source: http://www.scmp.com

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