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April 11, 2018

10 Times When Kapoor Sisters Gave Major #SisterGoals

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The 90s was an iconic era for Bollywood. We have some of the best movies of Bollywood that were made during the 90s. And this classic decade would never have been the same without Karisma Kapoor. She was one of those actresses whom every girl looked up to her. And then a decade later or two, we all were wowed by the junior Kapoor sister who made us believe in our inner Poo. Karisma and Kareena have been our ultimate favourites always. These days, Kapoor sisters are giving major outfit and style goals which are too hard to ignore. Who will want a partner to compliment you when you have a fab sister!

Here are some of the best Kapoor sisters’ looks through which give major #sistergoals.

#10 How About Some Monochrome Blend?

They say a lot about co-ordinated outfits but they never say that it could be done this way also. In this look, Karisma is wearing a black ensemble and Kareena is rocking a white pantsuit look. I love the minimal makeup that is making their outfits shine alone.

Power dressing done perfect!

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#9 Glued to the Gowns

Gowns make you look prettier. Agreed! But, Kapoor sisters can make look gowns hundred times prettier. Their look was one of the major highlights from the recent Lakme Fashion Week show. It’s so tough to roll the eyes from them. I am in love with their sexy outfits and that pouty look. Boomerang goals may be!

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#8 Jacket it Up Like a Boss

Who said siblings can wear same outfits only when they are kids? Age does not matter when you are blessed with such looks. Bebo and Lolo know that the media is crazy about them and hence they make all the efforts to be the apple of the paparazzi’s eye. I am so crushing on their starry jackets right now. These Kapoor Khandaan girls are on fire with their style, each day.

Love their pose and that bun.

#twinning🤘🏻#sistergoals#soulsisters#forever❤️in @sincerelyjules

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#7 Glitters and Jazz

What’s a party without the right amount of bling in them? These Kapoor sisters know how to be the show stealers in every party. I love how they are always coordinated with their outfits according to the occasions. That bling on their dresses, shine on their face, sex appeal in their body language, pouts on their lips makes them the hotties of the B town. Their bling is not gonna dim!

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#6 This Desi Look Needs a Look

We are talking about the fashion game played by these Kapoor sisters in this blog post. This ethnic look of Karisma and Kareena is one of my personal favourites. Though they are wearing different colours, they are still coordinated with a specific style of the attire. The best part is they are BFFs and are mostly seen together which makes everything look so positive.

Desi Chic Does the Trick!

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#5 Off Shoulder For the Win

Just be honest and tell me that are you not drooling over this pic. I mean yes, their outfits are simple and their hair and makeup are not that unique that we have not seen but their togetherness is making the picture look so amazing. The way their off shoulders fall on the opposite side, the way their hair is styled and the way they are posing is making the picture look incredible. Bookmarking the picture for pose goals with my sister though!

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#4 Whats with that White and Black Obsession?

Why and how are they always perfectly clad in black and white outfits? The best part is that they do not go overboard with their monotone shades. I mean hats off to their stylists in styling one of them in a black and the other one in a white outfit that too perfectly well balanced.

How do they manage to look this good all the time?

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#3 Killing it in Casuals

My most favourite picture from the lot is this one. They are dressed in such a casual and a chic way. I can feel them in these outfits because this is so us, so girl next door. Denim jacket, basic off-shoulder tops, denim, black sunnies and sneakers are what we all mostly prefer wearing. It is just their sass that is killing it. I love Kareena Kapoor dressing style more in this one. Every girl can take a major styling tip from this look.

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#2 Pretty in Gelato Shades

This is yet another one from their co-ordinating zone. You must be wondering what else is co-ordinated here except their midi dresses. But, look closely, they are both wearing dresses of gelato shades. The pastel hues are already a family so they are colour coordinated extremely well. Their neckline is co-ordinated too with off shoulder and cold shoulder designs. And last but not the least, their T strap heels.

As they say, dress elegantly.

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#1 Back to the 80s

Yes, taking you down the lane from where we started, back to the 80s. You feel they are coordinated by their stylists now? No, they were outfit co-ordinated since always, even by their mother. Look at their polka dots sweater with the puffed shoulders and slings that they are carrying on their opposite sides. How adorable both of them look. I am crushing over Kareena’s fountain hairstyle.

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It is not wrong to say that these Kapoor sisters or the entire Kapoor Khandaan have good looks in their genes and vogue in their veins.  While Lolo has refused to age, Bebo is getting sexier each day. If you are looking for some serious fashion goals, learn some chic tips from this sister duo and you will never go wrong. I cannot decide who among the two is my more favourite, can you? But, I love Karisma Kapoor for her elegance and I am a fan of Kareena Kapoor dressing style.

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