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March 24, 2016

Holi Hai: Significance of Holi Colors in our Life

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significance of holi colors

Holi, the festival of colors and joy, brings the freshness of the year along with it. This festival marks the end of the winter season and welcomes the spring. With the festival of Holi, we forget all past issues and grudges with others and start a new beginning. The tagline that always goes in support of this joyous festival is “Bura Naa Mano Holi Hai!” which means, don’t feel bad because of its Holi today. We love to choose so many colors for the Holi. Pink is my favorite and I hate those silver and metallic colors. But there is some significance of Holi colors in our life and we list it all here.

significance of holi colors


This festival is celebrated in various ways in our society. Some play Holi just with herbal colors or abir and gulal which is made up of flowers, turmeric, that give the natural essence to this festival whereas a lot of the youngsters play with watercolors that are chemically enhanced and are artificial. It is also celebrated with flowers which are the traditional way of celebrating this festival.

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, gives the significance of Holi colors which is a part of this festival. The many colors in Holi describe the win of good over the evil. Every color is important in our life, and they signify various expressions and feelings that we want to convey in our lives. Every color plays its own role in our life and creates its own impact on us.

significance of holi colors


Thus, there is a significance of Holi colors in our life.

Color Red describes purity, passion, blood and fire. It induces the feeling of strength and power, whereas green color describes vitality. It is also the color of envy, jealousy towards others. Blue is the color of serenity, calmness, and also describes the peace and heavenly living. Yellow conveys piousness and reflects cowardice, whereas black signifies bad luck, evil, and sorrow. White describes happiness, dignity, and purity. Pink signifies to be the color of friendliness. Orange is the color to portray the ambition and motivate one’s creativity, and violet is the color of royal.

There are various ways to play Holi, but a Holi party is incomplete without abir and gulal. Watercolors add a spark to this festival and make it more joyous and memorable. Flowers are the nice add-on to this festival as this is the festival which embarks the coming of a new season of the year, the spring season. Like colors, each way to celebrate this festival has its own significance and teaches an important lesson to everyone.

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