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February 27, 2018

10 Shraddha Kapoor Dresses to Add to Your Wardrobe

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Shraddha Kapoor is one of the most talented and popular celebrities of the current generation. These days she has been MIA from the big screen and even from the promotions but she is quite active on Instagram. She was recently part of the Lakme Fashion Week. While 2017 was not so good for the actress, her style was immensely appreciated by her fans. Her style is simple and elegant with a bit of edge in them. If you are struggling with your office or college looks then Shraddha is here to rescue. Her personal style can not only help you add some must-have pieces in your wardrobe but also inspire you to style them in a trendy way. Here are some Shraddha Kapoor dresses which are a must-have.

I would also suggest you to check out Imara by Shraddha Kapoor. The clothing line was launched in 2015 and has some perfect outfits for your everyday look.

#10 Sexy but Cute

There are some classy pieces which every girl must have in her wardrobe. A basic black crop top and a basic denim jacket are two of them. A black crop top paired with a black mini skirt and a cropped denim jacket makes for a great outfit for the mild winter day outs. If you are the one who loves fancy vacations, then this outfit is must-pack.

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#9 Bringing the Sexy Back

Shraddha Kapoor’s style is basically more on the casual side and this sexy outfit was a treat for her fans. This was a beautiful black dress with a frilled panel at the back alongside a deep cut over there. This outfit is perfect for the parties. If you are looking for some sexy celeb outfits to cheat, then you can count upon this one. Be a bit bold and search for such dresses to oomph your style quotient.

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#8 Be a Little Over the ‘Top’

In this one, Shraddha is definitely doing something over with the tie and ruffle panel on her top. It is a beautiful panelled floral top which can be counted as a statement piece and can be paired with a lot of other things. Since the top is a bit OTT, she has paired it in a subtle way with fringed denim mini skirt and ankle straps footwear. A great ensemble for a day out!

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#7 Basics with a Twist

Going to college in the basic outfit is a must. But, basic outfits tend to be boring after a while. Period. If the basic outfit is like this then how can it be boring? Take out your favourite pair of skinny jeans and pair it with a maxi-top. Do not forget to belt it up to add some sass. This looks chic and even subtle at the same time. P.S – Add a maxi top to your closet if you don’t have one.

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#6 Colour Blocking the Right Way

High waisted pants are really in trend these days. Be it the denim pants, flared pants or culottes, high waisted are popular everywhere. Have one such pant in your closet because they look smart and classy. You can pair them with various top wear and a striped colourful crop top just like Shraddha is a great option too.

You can also go for turtleneck tops with such pants.

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#5 Some Blues for Good Days

Everyone wants to have that perfect dress which fits their body in the best way. A dress that accentuates your curves is a must. Do not hold back in investing in such pieces even if they are expensive. Be sure to choose the correct fabrics and perfect colour so that you can re-wear it more often. Shraddha looks pretty in this chic dress and hairstyle.

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#4 Trench to Match your Mood

Maxi shrug and the trench are very popular for women fashion. The trench should be a part of your closet because it is statement pair and can be paired with a lot of things. It can be styled like a fancy piece for parties and it can also be styled like a casual wear for college days.

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#3 A Classic Piece of LBD

You must have read at various places that a classic LBD is a must. Since the LBDs are so popular and clichéd at the same time, make sure that you are investing in an offbeat and a new kind of LBD. Shraddha wears a beautiful LBD with super ruffles all over. These ruffles and mesh pattern make it a bit different from the crowd. Such head turner pieces are so gorgeous to miss.

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#2 Be Casual Like That

We are always caught in a glitch on what to wear for the perfect brunch or daytime look. Denim pants are always a saviour but since we wear it so often, we want to ditch them for special occasions. In that case, take out your simple tee graphic printed tee shirt and pair it with a statement skirt. This fringed leather skirt adds an edge to the look in a good way.

It is super sassy without a doubt.

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#1 The Old School Charm

This is one of the best looks of Shraddha Kapoor where she managed to look like a high school girl in that feminine girly dress and a high ponytail. These kinds of outfits look good for the get together looks. You can pair some chunk high fashion jewellery with this kind of outfit and it will never go wrong. This is one of my favourite Shraddha Kapoor dresses from the lot.

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I am sure now revamping your wardrobe would not be a difficult task. From the party looks to the college looks, you are definitely sorted through Shraddha Kapoor’s fashion statements.

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