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May 11, 2016

Should We Raise Our Daughters as Princess?

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Walk into any room dominated by a young girl and you will notice lush tiara-crowned hair and enormous eyes adorn lunch boxes, backpacks, clothing, walls, toothbrushes, bedsheets, and soft toys. Princesses have a special place in a girl’s heart and mind. These animated princesses are epitome of  a blessed present and ‘happily ever after’.

But are we destroying a young girl’s identity by tagging her as a princess? While every child has right to enjoy the imaginary world and be happy but is this world keeping her away from the real world? Many of us do get over the princess phase but for some it is not the same. They still believe in lavish gifts, attention and men in times of need. They continue to live in this world and like Cindrella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel, they believe things will be normal and happy after a storm. But when this world gets shattered; they are unable to cope with harsh realities.

We all wish we could afford those fancy dresses but we really need a godmother to get that royal cash. But do we really fantasize that the first boy meet is our prince charming? We absolutely do not. But this is a thinking of 22 years old and not of a 12 years old. It is OK for a child to run away from reality but what if this 12 years old never grows up? Life for them is to marry someone and live happily ever after. But what about career? What about life after marriage isn’t peachy always? Sad part is, most girls today are still brought up with no ambition.

We should teach our princess to stand on her feet and become independent. To chase her dreams. To become pilot, teacher, scientist, actress or anything her heart desires. To become strong and speak her mind. To not ask for quota or special pass just because she is a woman. Do not criticize her. Do not patronize her. It is time for us to change princess perception. Our princess need to be pampered but they need to be self reliant. They need to be strong and inspire other girls.

Comments to Should We Raise Our Daughters as Princess?

  • Wow..!! What a thought these days girls are more into their dreamy world.. they need to read this and face the reality.

    Only an educated girl can face these days problems..
    You go girl..! !

    Rayman May 11, 2016 4:27 pm Reply

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