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June 1, 2016

Short Story – Wrong Number

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Wrong Number

He was getting back from the hospital. With people consoling him; some of them were in tears, while he was still in the dizzy state as if he had an overdose of drugs. The pain cruising through his heart; he looked at his phone flashing and just wanted to shut himself from life.

As he rested his head on the car seat a movie started to rewind in his head of which he was the hero, may be a betrayed one now. The wind gushing through the window hit his senses hard. He remembered waking up to the morning call; sweet voice on the other side. It was a wrong number and he kept the phone down. After a while when he was back to his senses his heart longed for that voice.

He recalled their imperfect love story and she was perfect in ever way. The wrong call had proved to be the most accurate thing in his wrecked life, and the angel seemed to have worked miracles then after. Their first date and the wedding and the life was all set. It was just another peaceful night , and his love was in his embrace, he felt as though he had conquered the entire world. And then the palace of love collapsed within a second and he was now a deadly villain. Blood rushed through his body and he shook her from her slumber, she was shocked to see his blood red eyes and his enraged feature. He bombarded her with his acquisitions while she was still in gaze, trying to understand what’s happening.

His words went sharper than the knife, and her self-esteem now revoked. She ran towards the door with a hope that he would come running behind her and stop her. Instead he told her to go away forever. She sped the car in a rage and went away. He stood in his room, while her phone rang again, the same number flashed and his anger knew no bounds, he wailed at the voice on the other side. And was stunned to hear a meek apology . The last words hit every nerve of his brain “ Wrong number”…. The room suddenly turned cold, his heart stopped and darkness took over he was back to his senses. He tried to reach for his keys when his phone beeped with another wrong number -which destroyed his life. It was from the hospital stating the demise of his beloved wife…and all that he could utter was, wrong number…

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