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September 11, 2016

5 September 11 Survivor Stories That Will Break Your Heart

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9/11 September 11 survivor stories

9/11 is an event that no one seems to be able to forget. For people in their offices, it was a normal day on the 11th of September. There had been no warning or and an ill omen that could have warned them about the disastrous attack that was going to take place- an attack that the world, and not just a country, will remember for years. The people were casually talking probably, discussing future prospects and other office gossips, but little did they know that many of them wouldn’t be able to live past this day. And we share with you 5 heartbreaking September 11 survivor stories.

The survivors of September 11 attacks share there story here:

#1 Josephine Harris

She is also known as the angel. While panicking and running down the stairs of the north tower, Josephine collapsed on the 20th floor where the firefighters later found her and decided to carry her down the stairs despite orders from their boss to do otherwise. Josephine collapsed on the 4th floor, which is when the entire building collapsed and no one on any other floor survived except her and the firefighters. She stayed close to the firefighters after this incident, and after her death in 2011 of a heart attack, the fighters did a special burial for her. One of the bravest September 11 survivor stories, yes?

Josephine Harris September 11 survivor stories


#2 Janice Brooks

Like all other September 11 survivor stories, Janice’s day began in the same way. She was a personal assistant and worked in the building. The memory of leaving certain people behind forever haunts her and also the vivid images of those she saw injured grievously but was unable to help.

“Don’t look up, just look down and run” this is what the firemen had told her once she had left the building but she defied it and the site of her office crumbling down and falling apart nauseated her. Janice still lives in New York working for the same company, as she feels only her colleagues can keep her together.

Janice Brooks September 11 survivor stories


#3 Fred Eichler

A colleague noticed a low flying plane and before they knew it the plane had hit the building that they were working in. He called his family if that was the last that he would ever hear from them. But he did get out and he did survive the attack with nothing but tormented memories of people jumping off the building as they couldn’t deal with the unbearable heat. Today Fred is one of the many people who has been jobless due to the attack. These September 11 survivor stories do make your heart skip a bit!

Fred Eichler September 11 survivor stories


#4 Steve Sullivan

This probably falls under the 9/11 horror stories. He was the chief of the firefighters, and he is also considered very lucky for obvious reasons. He was iconic for saving people in the World Trade Center. While his family thought that he was dead, Steve spent a lot of time trying to help whoever he could. The event left him traumatized and he often thought of quitting his job but he managed to stand back up on his feet. Today he lives with his wife and his children in New York.

Steve Sullivan September 11 survivor stories


#5 Ian Robb

Imagine seeing your own name in the list of people presumed dead? That’s what happened with Ian. Luckily for him, he had just entered the WTC and was in the lift when the plane hit the building. While they were stuck in a smoke-filled lift for over an hour, they hadn’t really gone up and they found themselves to still be on the ground floor when they finally managed to open the lift. With blood splattered across the windows, Ian just ran home to see his daughter. Ian retired soon and now lives with his partner, Zofia, in the UK. He says that though it was a huge event, but he hasn’t allowed it to change his life.

Ian Robb September 11 survivor stories


The stories of people who were in the attack or had seen it are numerous, some are just too painful to read. What is magical is that these people still managed to get over such a huge disaster and learn to carry on in their lives. So, the next time you’re tearing up about some fight with a friend, remember what all these survivors have managed to overcome.

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