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March 8, 2017

Sentinelese Tribe – The most Dangerous and Isolated

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands consists of a group of 572 islands and lies in the Bay of Bengal linking Myanmar and Indonesia. North Sentinel Island is one such island and the Sentinelese is a tribe which resides on this island.

Sentinelese Tribe- Sentielese man

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The Sentinelese has made the North Sentinel Island their home. They are a small tribe and they have been dynamically holding out efforts of contact by strangers and have occupied the island for the past thousands of years. The island is totally unaffected by contemporary civilization and its populace kill any strangers who attempt to get very near to their land. No one who has ever entered the land has fled instantly or being butchered by the Sentinelese on arrival. These tribesmen chase away journalists, anthropologists, fishermen including government officials with their spears and arrows.

Sentinelse tribe- Sentinelese woman

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The Sentinelese is, in fact, a direct descended from the initial human populaces to appear from Africa, and have almost certainly survived in the Andaman Islands for almost 60,000 years. It is a fact that no other people or even tribes on this earth are as secluded, as this tribe. The present surviving members are somewhere between 50 and 400 individuals. The 28 square mile North Sentinel Island is approximately the dimension of Manhattan and is sea-level, deeply wooded and sheltered by a fence of coral reefs.

The Sentinelese upholds a basically hunter- collector society surviving through hunting, collecting wild plants and fishing. There is no proof of either agricultural patterns or techniques of raising the fire.

Sentinelese Tribe-Sentinelese family

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In fact, the language spoken by Sentinelese is very different from the languages spoken by the other Andaman islanders. This shows that they have had very little or no contact at all with the outside world for almost thousands of years.

Sentinelese Tribe- Aerial view

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The deadliest tsunami that occurred in the year 2004 in the Indian Ocean killed more than 230,000 people in the nearby and surrounding countries, but as luck would have it the Sentinelese survived. Maybe they escaped because they were able to sense it and hence climbed very tall trees and escaped. Even they refused the food parcels which the Indian Navy helicopter tried to drop. In fact, they chased the helicopter with bow and arrows and this showed their reluctance of accepting outside help.

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