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January 18, 2017

The Secret To Age Like Japanese Women

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Japanese women

According to surveys, the average lifespan of  Japanese women is 84 which is the longest life span for women across the globe. Thus, they’re the women with longest life spans in the whole world. They are famous for their everlasting youth and one of the secrets of their long lasting life and everlasting youth is their cuisine.

Japanese cuisine is considered to be one of the finest and healthiest cuisines in the world. Japanese cuisine is delicious and nutritious, helps to keep obesity at bay and slows the process of ageing. It is generally said that their diet is one of the major reasons why they look beautiful, healthy and youthful naturally. The myth that Japanese women don’t get fat may not be a myth, thanks to their cuisine.

A book by Naomi Moriyama titled, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat states that from the past 25 years Japanese women hold the world record for living the longest, the record being 86.4 years. Not only women but Japanese men also have the longest life expectancy among all men in the world’s 192 nations.

We scouted every possible source to curate the secrets to be healthy and beautiful like Japanese women :

#1 Healthy Diet 

We know that a healthy diet is often hard to follow but the Japanese diet is majorly based on fish, rice and fruits. They intake rice almost regularly. Along with that, they prefer drinking green tea. They eat very healthy nutritious food daily that includes fruits and vegetables, balancing all of our body’s nutrition needs.

japanese women: sushi

#2 Say Yes to Rice

Many of us say no to rice when we diet but the Japanese diet includes rice in every meal. Instead of eating bread they eat rice along with their every meal. Japanese people are very much aware that nutritious food is important for body and mind of an individual. Thus, they include rice in their each and every meal which also adds to their nutrition.

japanese women: Japanese rice

#3 Portion Control

It is a fact that Japanese women eat healthily but to maintain their nutrition they eat small portions every 2-3 hours. Actresses are trying this with their diets to maintain their shape and lead a healthier lifestyle. We, too are at times are suggested by our doctors to have small meals at regular intervals, especially if we want to drop some kilos!

japanese women: portion control

#4 Breakfast is Important

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is found that Japanese people start their day with a home cooked meal for breakfast. Thus, not only women but each and every individual should understand what is the importance of breakfast and must include it in their diet. Also, skipping breakfast will only add the kilos!

japanese women: breakfast

#5 No, No Processed Food

Processed food might be convenient but for a healthy life, one must avoid processed food like canned juice etc. Processed food may contain large amounts of fat and sugar which, if taken in large amounts, is harmful to an individual’s health. Like Japanese women, every woman should follow suit for a healthy body.

japanese women: processed food

#6 Work, Work, Work

Ever wondered why Japanese women are always in shape? Exercising is a part of Japanese lifestyle. In spite of eating less refined food, Japanese women also perform regular amounts of exercises like walking, cycling and gardening. You need not hit the gym to look good, simple exercises can also help.

japanese women: exercise

#7 Seasonal Food 

In Japan, people maintain their health by ensuring that whatever they are eating is healthy and fresh. They also prefer eating food which is available in the season. They prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those in-season, are super fresh and hence there is no harm to the body.

japanese women: seasonal

#8 Desserts in Portions (Dear Japanese women, HOW?)

In Japan, people eat desserts very often but in small proportions. It’s not that they don’t include desserts and sweets in their diet, but at the same time, they’re aware of what harm this can bring if consumed in excess. Thus, they manage their proportion of dessert which helps them to stay healthy and fit.

japanese women: cupcake dessert

#9 Posture Correct

The Japanese have excellent posture for the following reasons. They adopt the Seiza, which is the formal way to sit in Japan. Seiza is sitting on your heels, this is the natural way for them to sit.  It is unnatural for them to sit in chairs all day as it is considered to be damaging to the muscles.

japanese women: seiza

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