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August 17, 2017

8 Sean Penn Movies That Will Stir You

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Sean Penn Movies - Mystic River

Sean Penn, born in Los Angeles, California, is a popular American actor and film maker. With every profound performance and intensely moving stints, he has well progressed as an actor, kicking up a variety of roles. Not only as an actor, this phenomenal multifaceted individual has also exposed his green thumb behind the cameras as a director as well. He is one of the Hollywood’s most escalating performers and has 2 Academy Awards under his belt.

Sean started his career in 1974 and ever since there has been no looking back. He has done variety of roles and some of his movies will stir you. It will make you want to think. On his birthday, we have picked 8 Sean Penn Movies to watch.

#8 Carlito’s Way

Carlito’s Way got Sean Penn his first Academy Award nomination. Carlito’s Way is a story of Carlito (played by Al Pacino) is a criminal who has been sentenced to prison. With the help of his attorney friend (played by Sean Penn), he is released from the prison. Carlito decides to leave a peaceful life and retires from his criminal activities but his past pulls him back.

Sean Penn Movies - Carlitos Way

#7 She’s So Lovely

Eddie (Sean Penn) and Maureen are married to each other. Both are alcholics and constantly bicker but love each other. Eddie is usually missing but that does not bother Maureen. During one of his disappearances, Maureen is assaulted by their neighbor. Unable to bear Maureen’s condition, Eddie vows to kill the assaulter but accidentally kills someone else. He is placed in a psychiatric facility. Upon his release, when he goes to meet Maureen, he finds out that Maureen is married to someone else and is mother of three children. Sean Penn won Best Actors Award of Cannes Film Festival.

Sean Penn Movies - She Is So Lovely

#6 21 Grams

Dr. Paul (Sean Penn) is a critically ill mathematician who is in need of a heart donor. Jack is an ex-convict who is trying recover from drugs. Cristina, an ex-drug addict, is clean now and is married with children. The trio lives comes together at a point when Jack kills Cristina’s husband and children, and Paul receives Cristina’s husband’s heart. Jack is guilty of his crime and goes to police and accepts his crime. Cristina refuses to press charge. Meanwhile, Paul finds out who his donor was and begins a relationship with Cristina. 21 grams earned Sean Penn Best Actors award at Venice Film Festival.

Sean Penn Movies - 21 grams

#5 Milk

Bollywood or Hollywood, a popular and well-known actor distances himself/herself from a gay role. Sean, however, portrayed the role of Harvey Milk and won an Academy Award for the role. Milk is a biopic based on Harvey Milk. The movie begins with assassination of Harvey Milk and then goes back into flashback. Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) moves with his partner from New York to California. They settle in the Castro, San Francisco. He eventually becomes a gay activist and enters politics. He eventually becomes the first gay man to be elected into a public house in California.

Sean Penn Movies - Milk

#4 I Am Sam

Sam (Sean Penn) is a man with a intellectual disability and is a single parent. Sam and his daughter, Lucy share a beautiful bond and the father-daughter are helped by friendly neighbors. Sam’s wife was a homeless woman who left Sam and Lucy after Lucy’s birth. As Lucy grows, she becomes ashamed of Sam and soon Sam’s parenting is questioned by the court. Sam takes help of a lawyer, Rita who has her own demons. While working together, Sam helps Rita fight her Demons. Will Sam gain the custody of Lucy? For his role of Sam, Sean Penn was nominated for an Academy Award. The movie was also remade into a Bollywood movies, main aisa hi hoon, starring Ajay Devgn, Preity Zinta and Sushmita Sen.

Sean Penn Movies - I am Sam

#3 Dead Man Walking

The movie is based on Sister Helen’s book, Dead Man Walking. This was Sean’s first prominent movie and he was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn) has been sentenced to death for killing a teenage couple. As part of the outreach program, Matthew is contacted by Sister Helen. Initially Matthew is rude to her but eventually she becomes his spiritual adviser. Helen appeals for him and tries to get his sentence changed to life imprisonment but is unsuccessful. In the end, Poncelet confesses to his crimes and dies.

Sean Penn Movies - Dead Man Walking

#2 Sweet and Lowdown

Considered to be Woody Allen’s finest works, Sweet and Lowdown is a story of jazz guitarist. Emmett Ray is a struggling jazz guitarist who is a womanizer and spendthrift. On a double date, he meets Hattie (a mute woman). Initially, the couple of have hiccups because of communication problems but soon they are able to sort out differences. Hattie and Ray move to Hollywood and Hattie is spotted by a director. Eventually, Ray leaves Hattie to marry a socialite but the marriage fails. Ray returns to Hattie only to find that she has married someone else.

Sean Penn Movies - Sweet and Lowdown

#1 Mystic River

Mystic river is based on the book by Dennis Lehane. Set in Boston, MA, Mystic River is a story of three childhood friends who become aloof after an incident. The movie begins in 1975, three friends are playing hockey when two police officer arrive. The officers take one of the friends and sexually assault the boy. The boy escapes from their clutches. The movie fast forwards to twenty five years, the friends are no longer talking to each other. Jimmy (Sean Penn) is an ex-con, Dave is still haunted by the incident and works as a blue collar worker and Sean is a detective. Jimmy’s teenage daughter, Katie, is found beaten and murdered. Dave becomes the prime suspect. Has Dave killed Katie? Why did he kill Katie?

Sean Penn Movies - Mystic River

These were some of Sean Penn’s Best movies. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did.

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