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April 10, 2018

9 Insane Riverdale Fan Theories That Seem Legit

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Riverdale Fan Theories

Another in the comic book TV shows genre, Riverdale TV show is undoubtedly a popular one. The world of Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead, this is a subversive take on the Archie comic books, navigating through the troubled waters and storms of school life, family, friends and controversies. And nevertheless, fans of a television series have their own ideas and opinions revolving around the plot and the characters of the series. What exactly do the Archie comic fans expect from Riverdale? What is it that keeps going on in the minds of Riverdale lovers? Keep scrolling to read what all crazy assumptions fans come up with about this television series. Here is a fun-to-read list of crazy Riverdale fan theories.

#1 Jughead is secretly a blossom

Well in any television series, what interests the fans most is- the characters and their background stories. And in the case of Riverdale this is an aspect which is very wide. One of the very popular and word-of-the-mouth crazy Riverdale fan theories was this one. Fans assumed that FP was secretly Cheryl and Jason’s father. And if this is the case, then Jason and Cheryl are twins, which makes Jughead their half-brother. And if this happens, it would be a game changer. Well the fans believe or let’s say to some extent want to see Jughead being one among the blossoms. Isn’t it so!

Riverdale Fan Theories - Cheryl and Jughead Half-Siblings

#2 Veronica might get married

Last year a few pictures of the new season of the series were revealed and these pictures suggested a wedding. Great though1 fans needed some food for thought and somebody’s wedding to feast on! Seeing Veronica in a wedding gown, another addition was made to the list of crazy Riverdale fan theories. Betty, Josie and Cheryl were donned blue. While Jughead and Archie were in proper suit jackets. This appears to some extent, to be a wedding call for Veronica. Well at least according to the Riverdale TV show fans.

Riverdale Fan Theories - Veronica to get married

#3 The music teacher Archie had an affair with will be back

The appearance of Archie’s music teacher stands on suspicious grounds. Archie’s music teacher is his ex-lover as well. And this calls for some gossip on the part of Archie fans. Is she Geraldine Grundy or is she Jennifer Gibson? Well both are same, but in what new garb will she appear in the second season? Riverdale fans expect a return.

#4 Joaquin is Betty’s brother

Caught amidst an emotional conversation, Alice tells Betty that she gave up her son for adoption and this seems to have stuck in the minds of Riverdale fans. A curious case indeed. Since it was revealed that Betty will find out who her brother is in season 2, and more than Betty, fans want to find an answer to this. The most popular and counted among the crazy Riverdale fan theories is, the theory that- Kevin’s boyfriend Joaquin is Betty’s long-lost brother. Sounds like there is a whole lot of history here that has been long concealed!

Riverdale Fan Theories - Joaquin is Betty Brother

#5 Archie is a blossom

Red-heads from Riverdale steal the show with their flawless looks. And Archie has the red Blossom hair as well. One more noticeable fact is that the family seems drawn to him as well. Indeed, a potential Blossom! Fans assume that Archie’s father might have had a short-term affair with Mrs. Blossom. And Archie’s parents getting a divorce seems to support fans in this theory. Indeed, one of the crazy Riverdale fan theories. But the fans might not be totally wrong, aren’t the Blossoms way too accepting of Archie? Have him helping with the maple syrup tapping (that might be something traditional)? But this would cause an awkward state between Archie and Cheryl, they do not want to be siblings for sure!

Riverdale Fan Theories - Archie is Blossom

#6 The ‘core four’ are just like their parents were in high school

This is a wee-crafted and time taking theory, created by a Tumblr user. The very prestigious ‘core four’ theory. The core four characters are Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica. There are a lot of parallels between these four and fans believe the same might be the case with their parents. Not exactly among the crazy Riverdale fan theories, this sounds a little legit as well. What the fans do not expect, is- the ‘core four’ to end up like their parents!

Riverdale Fan Theories - Core Four

#7 Someone possesses supernatural abilities

Archie comic is also popular for its supernatural and mystical element. We have for sure heard words related to witchcraft in the series, “crazy witch hunt” and “sacrifice to some dark pagan god”. Alice threatening Hal in one of the episodes can be alluded to her magical powers. There is also the reappearance of Sabrina, the teenage witch. Riverdale is just more than plain drama, it is enveloped with a lot of dark magical elements as well. This would add another layer of mystery to the show.

#8 Betty and Polly are the same person

This one tops the list of the crazy Riverdale fan theories but there could be a little evidence backing it! Betty seems to have another side, which is for sure a darker one, and only Polly can represent it. Polly and Betty posses a liking for redheads. Betty’s extra focus on finding out Jason’s killer is also pretty amusing. Is she the one who loved him as Polly? There has also been a brief conversation between Betty and grandma at the Blossom’s house, where grandma confused Betty for Polly. What is the exact truth? Fans are all ears to know.

Riverdale Fan Theories - Polly is Betty's Alter Ego

#9 Zombies are coming to Riverdale

This might just make Riverdale a classic weird American drama series. The next season “Afterlife with Archie”, hints at a zombie outbreak. Whereon Archie and his friends are on the run to save the entire town from a zombie attack. Cheryl dreams about a zombified version of Jason and this could be a hint or an evil foreboding!

Riverdale Fan Theories - Will Zombies come to Riverdale

Interesting and crazy Riverdale fan theories! Aren’t they?

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