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March 17, 2017

Rey – The Space Warrior

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Rey was a toddler but he lived a secret life unknown to his parents. He was a space warrior. Whenever space needed his help; the Sun used to send him secret signals and Rey went in his secret spaceship. One fine day, Rey was playing with his friends and he noticed his spaceship was receiving a signal. He went to check the signal and sure enough the Sun was sending him a SOS signal from space  – “help! help! the germy comet is spreading his germs everywhere.” Rey had heard from his mom how germs are evil and can cause cavity. He immediately wore his space suit and left for space. The sun was panicking. The Venus looked grumpy and Mars was furious. And there! Rey noticed that germy comet was circling between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn looked scared. “Help us, Rey!” “Don’t worry! Rey said”. “Ha Ha, I will see how will you help your friends Rey”, said the germy comet smiling evilly. The germy comet started circling around the planets faster. Rey asked Mars and other planets to obstruct comet’s path but comet was too fast and all the attempts made by planets were unfruitful. “What will we do now?”, asked Mars. He was turning a darker shade of red. “Don’t worry Mars!” Rey came up with a new plan and tried chasing the comet but it was too fast. “Oh no! the germy comet will soon spread his germs and destroy the space.” Rey was now worried. He thought hard and suddenly an idea struck Rey and he went to Sun and whispered something. “Great idea!”, said the Sun. The Sun started laughing and mocking the germy comet, “you can’t spread your germs here. I am Sun! I will kill all the germs with my heat.” The comet stopped for a second and looked at the Sun. He looked a little angry but then smiled again and came with force towards the Sun. Unknown to comet, Venus who moves in the opposite direction came between the Sun and comet. The comet went straight inside the Venus and crash landed. The planets sighed a relief and thanked Rey. The space was safe again and free of germs. Rey returned to his planet Earth. Mission accomplished!


colgate magical stories


colgate magical story

I am really thankful to Colgate for offering more than just a toothpaste. The toothpaste pack got recycled and the cut-out game enhanced my nephew’s creativity. He especially loved the Sun and slept with him. Hope you enjoyed my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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