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July 31, 2016

Resolve Your Makeup Woes with Fair & Lovely Powder Cream

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Fair and Lovely Powder Cream

Hello Ladies!

We hope your skin is happy-happy in this humid hot weather. No? Okay, so what about your makeup? Do you manage to keep it on point whole day? Do you get enough time in morning to apply makeup in peace? Do you have oily skin and has makeup become your enemy? Do you get time to do touch-ups during day? And the best part, do you feel active enough at the night to take off your makeup and sleep in peace? And not to forget, does your skin give you tension every day?

Well, we know the answer!

Your makeup doesn’t remain as fresh as you have applied in the morning for whole day. You hardly have 2 minutes in the morning to finish the makeup routine. Your oily skin is making you mad. Touch ups are so out of the question. You cannot find clean washroom anywhere. And yeah night, Sleep is all in your mind all the time as soon as you step into home. You sometimes forget to take off all the makeup, giving you breakouts.

No product till now has ever promised us to solve all our problems but one company has listened to our prayers. Fair & Lovely has just launched Fair & Lovely Powder Cream – a one stop solution for all our makeup woes:

  1. Takes less than a minute to apply – Now catch that extra few minutes of sleep and get the makeup look in a jiffy. Whether you are super mom or a college girl, now you can take a sigh of relief.
  2. No touch-up required – Say what? Are you seriously serious? These might be the questions running in your mind. But yes, we are serious. The cream promises to stay for 14 hours! With Fair and Lovely Powder Cream, now you don’t need to worry about dirty washrooms or running to loo between meetings to fix makeup.
  3. It works on all skin type – Oily or dry or combination or don’t know? The cream has been designed for all skin types.
  4. Doesn’t damage your skin- Created by experts, the cream is a blend of brightening powder and multivitamin fairness cream. The cream is light-weight and will not make your skin feel heavy or clog your pores.
  5. Easy to take-off- Just one wipe of cleansing tissue and woosh your skin is clean now.

Want to try the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream? Stay tuned for HookedUpon’s Giveaway Contest.
Update: Contest has ended.

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