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April 9, 2017

Rental Cost Across India’s Top 15 Cities

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Rent in Banaglore

No two cities are the same, particularly if you’re talking about rental cost. Different locations in same city are subject different rental costs because of economic progress, industry and demographic reasons. We bring average rental cost of living in 15 top cities in India. If you are planning to move to any one of these cities then these rental rates will help you plan your budget.

However, we would advice that rental cost not be the only factor when choosing the city or location.

#1 Delhi

City Centre: Rs 15,243.90

Outside of Centre: Rs 8,524.39

Rental Cost- Delhi


#2 Mumbai

City Centre: Rs 34,088.24

Outside of Centre: Rs 16,803.03

Rental Cost- Mumbai

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#3 Kolkata

City Centre: Rs 10,483.25

Outside of Centre: Rs 6,500.00

Rental cost- Kolkata


#4 Hyderabad

City Centre: Rs 8,827.59

Outside of Centre: Rs 5,206.67

Rental cost- Hyderabad


#5 Bengaluru

City Centre: Rs 13,342.11

Outside of Centre: Rs 7,972.22

Rental Cost- Bengaluru


#6 Chennai

City Centre: Rs 11,296.88

Outside of Centre: Rs  7,100.00

Rental Cost- chennai

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#7  Noida

City Centre: Rs  12,357.14

Outside of Centre: Rs  8,785.71

rental cost- Noida


#8 Pune

City Centre: Rs 12,534.48

Outside of Centre: Rs 8,465.52

Rental Cost- Pune

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#9 Jaipur

City Centre: Rs  8,250.00

Outside of Centre: Rs  4,500.00

Rental Cost- Jaipur


#10 Chandigarh

City Centre: Rs 10,400.00

Outside of Centre: Rs  5,666.67

Rental Cost - Chandigarh


#11 Lucknow

City Centre: Rs 4,500.00

Outside of Centre: Rs 3,833.33

Rental Cost- Lucknow

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#12 Gurgaon

City Centre: Rs 15,636.36

Outside of Centre: Rs 10,875.00

Rental Cost- Gurgaon

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#13 Indore

City Centre: Rs 6,888.89

Outside of Centre: Rs 4,500.00

Rental cost- indore

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#14 Ahmedabad

City Centre:  Rs 8,375.00

Outside of Centre: Rs 5,125.00

rental Cost- Ahemdabad

Pic Credit-wikimedia

#15  Guwahati

City Centre: Rs 6,300.00

Outside of Centre: Rs 4,400.00

Rental Cost- Guwahti

Pic credit-wikimedia.

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