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August 27, 2017

Dating – Modern Time Vs Ancient time

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Have you ever wondered what dating would have been like years ago. With no mobile phones or Internet and no means to connect easily? Today when our 3G or Internet stops working, we go crazy. We get grumpy. Imagine the time when most households did not have telephone and there were no dating apps? Let’s go through a roller coaster ride and see how dating has changed over years.

#1 Finding the ‘perfect’ one

Past– Weddings, community fairs and after-church activities were some of the common places to find your perfect partner.

Present– Now if you don’t find your loved ones at the above meet-ups then you have dating apps that can help you connect with someone.



#2 Meeting Spot/Dating Venue

Past– The Golgappa wala bhaiya round the corner, the chuski or candy floss was enough to impress your loved ones. You didn’t have to take them to expensive restaurants and cafe.

Present– Well, definitely candy floss or chuski will not go down well with your date.



#3 Communication

Past– You had to either ask your friends to setup a date or you had to lurk around the places where your girlfriend frequently visited. And if at all you spotted her then you had to send your message through her female friend. If she lived out of city, then snail mail (or pigeon) was your only option (long distance calls were  not affordable).

Present– Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Text, E-mails etc etc etc.. We have plethora of options to connect with the persone we love.



#4 Courtship Period

PastPatience is Virtue.. we all have heard of the saying. Back then, most lovers were really patience. The courtship period used to last between 2-3 years or more.

Present– We have no patience now. We want to judge the opposite sex as soon as possible. Most relationships hardly last for more than 1 month. And if they do.. woohooo….

relationship time


#5 Break-Up

Any generation and break-ups are hard. In the past, signs were to stop staring and giving cold shoulder and now we just send a whatsapp message. The mode has become easier but break-ups are the hardest part.



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