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March 12, 2016

Recipe for Success

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Recipe for Success

The crowd was applauding; the lights; camera in her direction, tonight‘s speaker – a stunning CEO, they called her; a marvelous yet stubborn but young and successful woman in her thirties was ready for her interview. She had won Youngest Entrepreneur award.

A few formal questions, appreciation and the expected question arrived. The lines on her forehead tensed, palms turned moist and her acquaintances in the audience bit their nails. She relaxed for a moment and spoke HIS RECIPE she said is the secret to her success. Faces in the audience gleamed; they were anxious to hear about him. The known ones; just got worried.

She told the audience about their perfect friendship that turned into relationship. The relationship came with a cost. She had to give up her dream; her ambitions but for her the love was important and came first. While his career took off; hers was set back. But she was not the one who got jealous. She was proud of him and his achievements and cared less about her failures.

His gleaming success took over his heart. It gave her immense pain. He forgot the promises he made; her smile that lightened up his face. She reminded him of his ruthless attitude and heartlessness and all he said was this is the recipe for success.

Time changed, life took its toll, she left unsaid – and it didn’t matter to him. A strong lady now took birth but with no revenge she said, and an awww from the audience made her smile. “Do you think I never took revenge?” she questioned which made her audience puzzle. The nonchalant CEO was back and the soft girl from the story had vanished. She told the audience that she followed his recipe and suddenly mentioned about her personal assistant at office. The jolly faces were shocked.

She coolly said “his recipe was perfect; but he forgot to add hint of salt.”

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