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July 30, 2016

9 Reasons Why We Are Indebted To Christopher Nolan

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Christopher Nolan movies

The man who created The Dark Knight series is turning 47 today. Yes, it’s Christopher Nolan’s birthday. Nolan has not only given us the amazing Batman trilogy But, many other incredible movies like Inception, Interstellar and a lot more. While we anxiously wait for his Dunkirk 70mm, let’s celebrate his birthday with HookedUpon talking about the nine reasons why we should be thankful to him forever.

#9 For making us understand few terms

Christopher Nolan movies are amazing. They actually make us look inside our own life. His movies fall into two categories: The Truth Of Human Nature and Moral/ Philosophical Riddles. This is the common thing about his movies.

Christopher Nolan Movies- thematic elements


#8 For giving a perfect shot

Have you guys noticed that Christopher Nolan movies have a  repeated use of unusual shot: The roll, a camera movement in which camera does a barrel roll that turns everything in view on its side or if it keeps turning upside down? Nolan loves such shots and uses them on key moments to make it more attractive.

camera shot


#7 Raises our Expectation

Christopher Nolan movies not only meet our expectations but also have set bar higher for other movies. When we feel that nothing could be better than a particular movie of his, he delivers another masterpiece.

Christopher Nolan Movies- collage


#6 For taking us to another world

Nolan’s story-line is actually amazing and it takes you to another world but are realistic. His  movies are so real that we can even imagine and  empathize too with the story.

christopher nolan movies- imaginary world


#5 For Bringing Batman In Real World

He brought Batman out of the comic books and put him in the real world. Unlike any other superhero flick, Nolan’s Dark Knight has been stripped off the unreal armor of superheroes and became a character of flesh and blood, ‘a hero we deserve’. And, we can’t be enough grateful for putting Christian Bale in that awesome Bat-suit.

Christopher Nolan Movies- Batman Dark Flight


#4 For Bringing Depth In Comic Characters

Not only the superhero, he presented the other characters in a new light too. His Joker had his own crazy, but unbeatable philosophy, he made the Catwoman more than a girl who fights wearing a black costume and gave us a glimpse of the woman behind the catty mask. Not only the characters of The Dark Knight series, all the characters he has created in his movies, are brilliantly sketched.

Christopher Nolan Movies- Comic characters


#3 For Bringing Back The Classic Hollywood Era

Nolan made his directional debut with Following, a neo-noir thriller and went on delivering masterpieces like The Prestige, Insomnia, Memento that reminds us of classic thriller movies by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. We’ll be always thankful to him for giving us the taste of the classic age of Hollywood.

Christopher Nolan movies- classic hollywood era


#2 For Rewarding Us With Amazing Sci-Fi Movies

None but Christopher Nolan can give us amazing sci-fi movies likes Interstellar and Inception that redefine the pre-determined notion of science fiction. The movies go ahead of special effects and visualization with the wonderful stories and groundbreaking execution. His films are not only soothing to eyes, but they make long lasting effects on the viewers.

Christopher Nolan Movies- Sci- fic movies


#1 For Owning Such A Brilliant Mind

Above everything, we will be forever indebted to him for possessing such a brilliant mind, which gave us movies like The Dark Knight Trilogy, Prestige, Interstellar, Inception and others. On the day of his birthday, we thank the legendary actor in advance for all the movies that are yet to come from his brilliant mind.

Christopher Nolan Movies- Dark Knight Triology


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