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March 31, 2018

10 Reasons Why Sleeping With Pets is an Absolute No-No

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sleeping with pets

According to a report, 79% of the pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them. But have you ever thought whether sleeping with pets is safe? Humans and pets are different. While owning a pet can be a stress booster and the bond shared is amazing, it is really not a good idea to share your bed with your pet.

Though pets are no less than a best friend to their owner. But they contain infections in their body which can be harmful for human beings. Also, Safety comes before everything. Thus, safety should be your utmost priority. You must avoid close contact with your pet and get your pet vaccinated. Instead you must make a separate bed for your pet otherwise keep taking preventive measures so that both you and your pet remain safe and live a healthy life.

#1 Lifetime Commitment

Once you allow your pet to sleep in the bed with  you, it will be difficult for that pet to go back on the floor. Once that pet has got a taste of a bed, it will remain committed to bed. It can’t go back on the floor. It won’t provide pleasure to your pet and your pet would be annoyed.

Sleeping with Pets - Sharing Bed

#2 Plague

Both dogs and cats carry infectious plague and if spread to humans, this can be harmful for the life of an individual. They can carry plague infections without even showing the signs of it. Thus, sleeping with pets can be harmful.

sleeping with pets - kittens on bed

#3 Infections

It is a proven fact that both dogs and cats carry bacteria in their saliva that can be extremely harmful for humans. Sleeping with pets can cause problems like fleas, vomit, and other staph infections that can be harmful for human beings.

Sleeping with Pets - Saliva

#4 Cats make your allergies and asthma worse than ever before

Cats can deteriorate your health issues and make them even worse. If you are suffering from asthma, this will have a worse effect on your health.

Sleeping with Pets - Cat Fur

#5 Mites

This is another bug that happens if you share your bed with your pets. The most common thing that arises is Mange mite which can cause human scabies that can be extremely dangerous.

Sleeping with Pets - Parasite

#6 Allergies spread are very common

You might not notice but when you take your dog/ cat outside the house for a walk, they are exposed to a large number of germs. These germs get stuck to their fur and are carried on to your bed. Thereby, giving rise to deadly allergies and infectious diseases.

Sleeping with Pets - Asthma

#7 Human Sleep is affected due to this

For any human, a minimum of 8 hours sleep is important. Your pet doesn’t know that after a busy day, it’s time for sleep at night. He would definitely want to play with you. Thus, your sleep is affected which can further lead to sleeping disorders if the situation continues. Don’t believe us? Click here to read the study conducted by Mayo Clinic.

Sleeping with Pets - Human Sleep

#8 Parasites

We are aware that the fur, basically hair of dogs and cats are a home to these parasites. Mostly these parasites lay eggs in your pet’s hair which are easily carried to your bed and thus giving rise to diseases.

Sleeping with Pets - Cat Sleeping

#9 Dogs can cause Fleas

If you share your bed with your dog, there are chances that you might suffer from fleas. Fleas are small fight less insects. Their bites are very itchy and painful and getting rid of that is hard.

Sleeping with Pets - Fleas

#10 Aggressive Behavior

Your dog or even cat may become aggressive as soon as your partner or even any other member enters your room. They might become overprotective at times but this can be difficult for you to handle such behavior.

Sleeping with Pets - Angry Dog

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