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January 29, 2016

Overhyped Ballard Estate festival missed? Blessing in Disguise!

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Ballard Estate Festival

Mumbai’s first Ballard Estate Festival was attended by our writer, Shloka Badkar. She was excited to attend the festival but was dismayed and advises to give this festival a pass.

Ballard Estate is an area in South Mumbai near Fort. Easy to access, the neighborhood is 100 years old with ties to British lineage. The announcement of the fest had us all excited but the excitement was short-lived.

The place was pretty-well lit up and looked nice. But the charm of any festival is crowd but the crowd was completely missing here. The fest hardly had attendees. We doubt if it could be because of the chief guest or price of the ticket or people just didn’t know about the festival. We do feel if a popular celebrity had attended the event and posted pictures on Instagram/Twitter then the place would have had much better attendance.

Ballard Estate Festival

The festival was to debut around Christmas and help young artists showcase talent. The organizers had to reschedule because there weren’t enough stalls. The sad part was even after a month there were hardly any stalls.

Band of Boys performance was the only saving grace. It was good to see the group get together after 8 years and re-unite to perform again. Rest all performances were OK.

Karan Oberoi

Ballard Estate Festival will return every weekend till May 2016 with live performances by different artists. The entry fees is INR 150 for adult but we hope more vendors set up stall.

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