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April 20, 2017

9 Real Life Wizards and Witches Across The World

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9 Real Life Wizards: Lori Bruno

We are living in an era where subjects like witchcraft, vampires and supernatural beings are something which interests us to some extent. There are many adaptations of these things in the form of movies and serials which interests a certain section and age group of the society. Well it is difficult to prove if all these supernatural things which we have watched in the form of cartoons or movies are present in real or not. But witchcraft is something which is practiced till date and by some of the witches who are quite known for witchcraft or Wicca. Lets meet some of the witches and real life wizards from across the world. And now the common question are wizards real will be answered?

#1 Ipsita Roy Chakraverti

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti started her Wiccan work in India decades ago in the 1960s. She introduced the different philosophies of the ancients, the nature and the maligned term – witchcraft, also known as ‘Dakinividya’. She revealed the various powers hidden in the nature and stood for all those women who are called ‘dayans’. She is a woman who is very confident in whatever she does. In November, 2006 she started her own Wiccan Brigade with a handful of young students selected by her. This Wiccan Brigade works in Kolkata and slowly grew more as days passed by. Ipsita herself says, “You don’t choose Wicca – Wicca chooses you.”

real life wizards- Ipsita Roy Chakraverti


#2 Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot born in Wewoka, Oklahoma, is the high priestess of American Witchcraft. She is one of the most high profile witches of the world and has authored several books. She is the one to have found the Cabot Tradition of the Science if Witchcraft and the Witches’ League for Public Awareness to defend the civil rights of witch everywhere. She has been a staple in the Salem, Massachusetts Pagan Community for a long time. Being a top notch among the famous real life wizards, she has her own store, The Official Witch Shoppe, which has closed but will be open in internet soon. Laurie is even the founder of Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple, which teaches its practitioners to live with integrity and proudly as witches.

 Real Life Wizards: Laurie Cabot


#3 Lori Bruno

Lori Bruno is another High Priestess and Elder of the Sicilian Strega of the Craft of Wise. She is also skilled in Psychic readings. She is also the member of the Witch City’s Pagan Community. Lori started to perform readings at the store, ‘Hex: Old World Witchcraft and Witchery’, but recently she has declared that she will be opening her own store named ‘Magika’. She is also the founder of ‘Our Lord and Lady of the Trinarcrian Rose Church’. Since 2009 she has also been the guest on the ‘Hex Education’ podcast.

 Real Life Wizards: Lori Bruno


#4 Leanne Marrama

Leanne Marrama is a renowned Salem witch who has been associated with the Festival of the Dead since October, 2004 and a High Priestess and Elder in the Coven Raven Moon. She has the ability to read cards and interpret dreams, which have been passed on to her by her Italian Mother and Strega Grandmother. She is very caring and friendly which allows people to talk to her in a more comfortable manner. Leanne can tune into people through their voices and this helps her to see their past illusions and falsehoods to the truth. She also runs the Mourning Tea ceremonies in the Festival of the Dead.

 Real Life Wizards: Leanne Marrama


#5 Mark Eadicicco

Mark Eadicicco is best known for ‘Practical Magic’, his store is in Saten Island. He hails from Laurie Cabot’s tradition and currently is getting the hypes in NYC Pagan Community. He is the founder of the First Annual Staten Island Halloween Witches’ Ball. He is even hosting a workshop dedicated to how to communicate with your ancestors. Mark is also well known for his Reiki healing sessions, tarot card readings and psychic readings and is prominent among the real life wizards of this generation.

 Real Life Wizards: Mark Eadicicco


#6 Stewart Farrar

An influential English Wiccan and author of several books on Alexandrian Wicca and Neopaganism, Stewart Farrar along with his last and seventh wife, Janet Owen, took the initiative to spread Wicca in Ireland. Farrar was initiated by the Alexandrian Wicca in February, 1970 and the same year he even joined the Sander’s Coven. Janet and Stewart started their own coven in the year 1971 and began spreading it far and wide. He even wrote a number of books related to Wicca in the decade of 1970s and is one of the powerful real life wizards. In the year 2000, Stewart left this world and went to the other world.

 Real Life Wizards: Stewart Farrar


#7 Eleanor ‘Ray’ Bone

Eleanor ‘Ray’ Bone is an influential figure in the era of the modern witchcraft. She is also known as the “Matriarch of British Witchcraft”. She has played a very important role in the revival of the contemporary Wicca. She claimed to have initiated into a hereditary coven in Cumbria, which was one of the Gerald Gardener’s High Priestesses for a certain time and later she started her own coven in South London. She died in the year 2001.

 Real Life Wizards: Eleanor Ray Bone


#8 Aleister Crowly

One of the most popular oculist, Aleister Crowly was born in England. He believed in bisexuality which gained him few enemies and because of his unique ideas, he was ranked high in Hermetic Order (society he was the part of) . He later left the society, and started his own occult group named A.A in the year 1907. This group is based on his ideas and beliefs.  He was known to have summoned the spirits from Ancient Egypt and also for the regression of death. Shockingly, he also recovered the history of his past life as Elphias Levi.

real life wizards- Aleister Crowly


#9 Paracelsus

Paracelsus  (1493 – September 24, 1541)  was born in Switzerland. He has done prodigy in medicine, astrology, botany and alchemy. He was the one who coined the term zinc and also discovered the fact that some illness has psychological roots. He started his research in developing ‘the alphabet of magi’ a language to call spirits, who would help him to treat his patients.  Later, he became famous for magic healing too.

real life wizards- paracelsus


Whether we may believe in them or not, these real life wizards and witches take their profession quite seriously. Do you have a real life witch story to share?

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