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March 29, 2017

10 Quick and Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream Twists

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Summers are just around the corner and with the soaring temperatures and scorching heat, what we all love to savour in the summers is our very own favourite flavour of ice-cream. From ice candies to creamier milky ones, we all love ice-creams. Vanilla, being a favourite of the elders and being the most sought after flavour at weddings and functions, is always on every one’s go-for-it list. At times, vanilla can get boring too, so to bring a twist to it, here are 5 ice cream twists that you can do with vanilla ice cream and feel your mouth watering for it again.

#1 Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Take bourbons and open them. Spread vanilla ice cream on both the pieces. Your Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is ready. You could also take a bread slice, spread nutella on half-side and vanilla ice cream on the other half, and your sandwich is ready. If you do not have nutella then drizzle Hershey’s chocolate syrup. This one of those ice cream twists that you must surely try!

ice cream twists: vanilla icecream sandwich


#2 Vanilla Milkshake

Blend together a scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of cold milk and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract for 20 seconds. Pour out a glass of milk, we all love milkshakes. Pour the milkshake in a glass and garnish it with fresh fruits or nuts. You could also add rooh-afza to add some rose flavor.

ice cream twists: vanillamilkshake


#3 Fried Ice Cream Ball

Scoop out the ice cream into 8½ cup sized balls, place it on a baking sheet and for about 1 hour, freeze it until firm. In a shallow dish, put cornflakes and cinnamon powder, and in another dish, beat the egg whites until they turn foamy. Roll the ice cream balls in egg whites and then in cornflakes. Freeze for 3 hours until firm.

In a deep fryer or large saucepan, heat the oil and fry the ice cream balls taking 1 or 2 at a time, for 10-15 seconds until golden. Drain the excessive oil on a tissue paper and serve hot.

ice cream twists: vanilla ice cream balls


#4 Mango Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream

Purchase frozen crepes from the local store and heat them in microwave. Cube mangoes and stuff them inside crepe and roll the crepe like chapati roll. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on side and drizzle chocolate syrup on top.

ice cream twists: mango crepe with vanilla ice cream


#5 Banana Split

Who all remember those days when we used to go Nirula’s for its divine Banana Split and Ice Cream Soda? Now you can easily make banana split at home. Slice banana from the center and place it on a dish. Take 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and place it in between the banana slices. Drizzle the dessert with chocolate syrup and roasted nuts.

ice cream twists: banana-split


#6 Fruity Ice-cream twist

Cut fruits into small cubes. Take out three scoops of vanilla ice-cream and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. Mix the fruits with these scoops of ice cream. It’s summers after all, we love fruits and ice-cream together! Refrigerate it and serve. This is one of ice cream twists you would not want to miss.

ice cream twists: fruity ice cream

#7 Caramelized apple ice cream

Caramelize some slices of apple in butter and sugar. Add a scoop of your favourite ice-cream and sprinkle some crushed almonds. One of the hot and cold ice cream twists not just for summers but winters too.

ice cream twists: caramelized apple ice cream


#8 Ice cream float

Did you know one of the best ice cream twists just needs two ingredients- ice cream and aerated drink. Take coca cola and add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, your float is ready.

ice cream twists: ice cream float


#9 Wine and Ice Cream

This sounds unfamiliar. But guess what it will taste awesome. Try blueberry ice cream with red wine, it will taste awesome.

ice cream twists: wine and ice cream


#10 Brownie ice cream

This is one of the ice cream twists mostly craved during winters, but ice cream is all about summers, so why not heat your brownie and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it!

ice cream twists: brownie and ice cream


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