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September 2, 2016

Protect Your Eyes from Computers

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Eyes are very much important for every person and if we have any issues related to eyes we should treat immediately without any delay. Nowadays we are reading, writing and doing all kinds of works in computers. This is causing strains to our eyes. It may not be possible for you to stay away from computers if your work or study is related with computers. So just follow the tips provided here to protect your eyes from computers.

#1 Routine Eye Examination is Recommended

To protect your eyes you should do routine eye examination. It is necessary for you to do the eye examination once in a year if you are using spectacles or if you have any vision problems. During the examination you have to say everything to your doctor like whether you have irritation, redness in your eyes or not and how many hours you need to sit in front of the computer etc. This will help your doctor to provide the exact treatment for you.

#2 Change the Lighting in Your Work Area

The sunlight that comes through a window to your work place and poor lighting inside your room or work area may be a reason for your eye issues.  You should use only low intensity bulbs in your work area. You have to change the position of your computers. Move your computers to the side of the windows.  So your computer should not be in front of the windows or behind the windows.

#3 Reduce the Computer Screen Glare

You can install anti-glare screen to your computer monitor to reduce the glare. If you cannot reduce the outside light then you can use a computer hood. Use the spectacles only with anti-reflective coating as it would reduce the computer glare.

#4 Your Eyes Also Need Exercise

Do not constantly focus on your computer screen. Look at a distant object away from your computer for twenty minutes and then focus on your screen. This eye exercise protects your eyes from getting strained. In a second exercise look at a near object for fifteen seconds and look at an object that is far away from the computer for same fifteen seconds. You have to do this exercise at least for five times. You can do this exercise whenever you have to work in the computer continuously.

#5 You Should Blink Frequently

To protect your eyes from irritation and dryness you should blink frequently. If you have dry eye issues consult with your doctor and start using the lubricating eye drops.

 #6 Change the Computer Display Settings

You can adjust the brightness, contrast and size of the text. So your eyes would not be strained further. Do this change especially when you have to spend long time in computer.

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