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March 10, 2016

Prosthetic Legs Did Not Put Them Off From Modeling

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aimee mullins

It is human nature to define beauty as flawless, spotless and perfect. A model who gains a few pounds is laughed at. A woman who is not fair is shunned by suitors. But what about people who are specially abled. Years ago, television actress and an accomplished dancer, Sudha Chandran was traveling in a bus and had an accident. As a result, she had to get her leg amputated but she overcame her disability with the help of her Jaipur foot. These four models prove what Sudha proved years ago – their disability did not stop them from achieving their dreams.

#1 Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta, born in Latvia, is a singer as well as a model. She had released her initial music video on Channel 4 where she stunningly paraded on her artificial leg. She is really an inspiration to several people as she is the first extensively acknowledged leg amputee pop star.

Born with a disjointed hip and leg, her social life at school was very much affected. As a child, she had to undergo 15 surgical operations but none of them were effective. Later on, she moved to London with the aim of getting better treatment. As usual, even more surgical procedures followed but failed to provide any results. She told the doctors to cut off her leg. She finally became free from her complex life which also enhanced her self-confidence. Now she is proud of all her experiences and states that everyone must follow their dreams irrespective of the obstacles that cross their paths.


#2 Lauren Wasser

Lauren Wasser, who is a young model, lost her leg due to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and thought she will not be able to work as a model anymore. But as fate would have it, she is back now and is making a difference as well!

At the age of 27, this model was almost dead in 2012 when flu-like warning signs rapidly spiraled and she ended up being hospitalized. Due to this, her leg was amputated and now she has filed a lawsuit against Kotex, the tampon manufacturing company as well as the supermarket that sold it to her. But, now she poses once again, more professionally, in front of the camera and is proud to show off her prosthetic leg.

Lauren Wasser

#3 Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins is an activist, actor and an athlete. She is fond of wearing designer prosthetic legs and she boasts that she has a dozen pairs of them.  She remarks that these legs give her all that she needs – beauty, speed, additional height of 6 inches and superpowers. This model cum actor was born without fibular bones because of which both her legs were cut off below the knee that too when she was only an infant.


#4 Alex Minsky

Does anyone need two legs when looks can be this good?

He takes his shots authoritatively even as he stands in only a pair of blue-red briefs. He is an Afghan War veteran who has tattoos all over his body.

But Alex Minsky, who is only 24 years old and a very famous underwear model, can stand only with the assistance of a prosthetic leg which rises up to his right knee. He had lost his leg in an explosion in the year 2009. He drove over an invented volatile device that landed him in a state of coma. Consequently, after he woke up, he found his right leg was not there. At the end after a long and enduring path towards recovery, he has rediscovered fame and name for himself. He is not only a fashion model but a living role model for healthy living as well.

Alex Minsky
Next time if you feel demotivated or low because of a failure, fight harder and thank life that you still have a functioning body and mind, something some people would kill for!

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