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July 19, 2016

Pranks With Celebrities- Ellen At Your Door!

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Ellen DeGenres is unarguable one of the best TV comedians of all times and there absolutely no one who can compete with Ellen when it comes to her level of cool and jokes.

But some of the most memorable things Ellen does is pranks, and some of them just make you fall on the ground and roll down laughing for example when she scared Taylor Swift right out of her wits as she hid in her bathroom. So here is a list of 5 pranks that Ellen played with and on celebrities that will surely make you feel mischievous as well.

#5 When Adele made Jamba Juice employees question themselves

#4 Sofia Vergara shows her sadness to shop owners.

Lets see if he can console her as she tells him the story of her upcoming movie

#3 Watch Jennifer Lopez interview people for an office position

#2 And as Taylor Swift falls on the floor with fear.

#1 Ellen and Justin Bieber freak people out in bathroom.

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