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July 28, 2016

Positive Vibes Only!

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As the world has progressed, we have lost more and more touch with ourselves. We spend little or no time doing things which make us happy and plenty of time in doing things which the society deems acceptable, to please everybody but us. When anybody says ‘lifestyle’ we all go like, ‘that celebrities’ lifestyle is so good, I wish I had all that’. Lifestyle is not only about the brand of clothes you wear or your ultra-fit physique or the society in which you live. It is much more than that – it is about how you deal with day to day things, it is about being composed at every turn of the way. Everything has two sides, so does lifestyle. It can be positive and negative. A positive lifestyle can help you bring inner peace and a negative lifestyle will do the exact opposite. So, note down the things here to guide your lifestyle towards a more positive one.

#1 All of us have things in our past we wish were different. We keep on thinking about the if’s and but’s, had it been this way or that way. But do you realise that your over-thinking is going to make the situation worse and will leave you feeling miserable? What’s done is done, it cannot be changed. You have to learn to let things go, but please don’t interpret it a quitting, quitting is something else entirely. You quit when you give up but you let go only when you have made your peace with it. So make your peace with the things that are in the past and let them go.

#2 Thinking about your past not only makes the situation worse but, it also hinders you to focus on what’s important – your future. Think about it, you waste your time thinking about things you have no power to change anymore. And, because of this you don’t make use of the present time. If you don’t work now, how will your future be secured? So think about what you want in your future, note it down and then plan for it. This will not only take your demons away but also make you more smart and productive.

#3 What happens to you when you watch a sad movie? You become sad, your thoughts tend to move in that direction. Now think – if a 3 hour movie has this effect on you then what about the negative people you surround yourself with? They are with you for more than 3 hours each day! What do you end up bringing home with yourself? You and negative thoughts, which will never let you be happy. So get rid of these negative influences and surround yourself with the positive ones, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

#4 In the end, it is you who can change yourself through your will. So will yourself to have a more positive attitude. Try not to talk but to communicate, learn the difference between the two. Try helping people, you will feel a sense of peace like no other. Try meditating, you will be able to connect with your true self. Eat healthy! Yes, eating healthy does help. Don’t just exercise like crazy, do physical activities which challenge your wit, coping mechanisms and confidence levels.

#5 And smile. It is the best thing you can do. Smile more often. Find the humor in things you do. You frown at other people, they will frown at you. Smile at them and they will too. After all, it is infectious!

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