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August 10, 2016

Portrayal Of Women In Advertisements

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Let's Be Comfortable

We all see them everyday, they are the things which overpower our mind, they effect the unconscious side. And if not dealt with seriousness people tend to form their opinions around them. Advertisements effect us more than we think, they stereotype gender roles, they are sexist, and sometimes senseless.

So here are few examples that how sexist-crap is stuffed in our minds.

#1 Sanitary napkins
Its high time that these ads stop showing women secretly whispering about menstruation and be all nervous on ‘those days’ of the month and to associate napkins with everything ranging from a football match to school days but menstruation. They also need to stop zooming in on their ass to show the great absorbing power of their napkins.

#2 Deodorants and perfumes
Wearing a deodorant is a healthy habit but apparently wearing some particular perfumes make girls go all gaga over men and they also lose their power to resist them. They just want to do anything to be with those men wearing perfumes.

#3 Fairness creams

Fairness creams don’t make you fair.  One’s skin tone is due to one’s genes and nothing can change that. But, applying these fairness creams solves all your woes in life, like you get the right match for life and sometimes even makes you win your tennis matches. Really? If you are fair then only you are lovely. These standards for beauty are highly degraded.

#4 Hair products/ soaps

These soaps get you shiny hair and flawless skin and suddenly everyone wants to touch you, your husband who never paid attention can’t stop looking at you. So ladies apparently use a magical soap and stop your husband from being infidel towards you.

#5 Lingerie

Only handful of the whole species of women are the perfect size and shape as the models they use to showcase the lingerie ads. Instead of making those advertisements look sexually attractive, It would have been better if they talked about a bra’s comfort-ability , availability of  wider straps, and flexibility for accommodating bigger breasts during pregnancy for women of all shapes and sizes.

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