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March 17, 2018

10 Popular Webcomics That Deserve Your Attention

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With the advent of technology, the practice of comic strips, humorous advertisements and multifarious cartoons, is no more restricted to the newspapers and magazines we get at our breakfast tables. The practice of reading comics has transformed with time into an e-reading manner, wherein you can read comics online as and when you like. The version of comics published on the web is called webcomics. It can be called the reading of sequence-based art in an online manner.  Some of them are daily webcomics while some have fixed days or might be even once a week kind of webcomics. There exists a range of around 18,000 and more webcomics on the internet to choose from. And due to the availability of this wide variety, there arises the need for sorting the best ones. Though you might have a favourite genre to read but this list is indeed an assorted one. Here we have a filtered list of most popular webcomics and also the best webcomics to read, at your disposal.

#1 “Moonbeard” by James Squires

New Zealand based creator James Squires seems to have been in the stream of drawing comic sketches since childhood, and later on he developed this childhood passion into a serious profession. Moonbeard is one of the most talked about webcomics around the world. Moonbeard webcomic is updated once a week, mostly on Thursdays. You could also purchase a collection of best Moonbeard comics compiled into a book and published by Pikitia Press.

#2 “Radio Silence” by Vanessa Stefaniuk

This webcomic is more of a pro- teenager taste, as it revolves around a British pop/rock band. The band tours around Europe, delivering successful performances, and dealing with their newly found fame and keeping up to the mark of being celebrities. The members of the band Matt, Colbie, Shy, Brent and Wren give the comic a pinch of the prevalent music culture in Europe. This webcomic updates every Tuesday and Friday. Starting a year ago, “Radio Silence “, is popular among readers of webcomics since it follows a little different format than the usual one. It features music with each post and each character in this magnificent webcomic has their own Spotify playlist on the cast’s page. This makes “Radio Silence” relatable and provides it an authenticity of a music band culture, making it one of the best webcomics to read.

#3 “Agents of the realm” by Mildred Louis

For the first time ever, university students have taken the weight of the worldly affairs on their arms and have decided to liberate the world of all evils. “agents of realm” is definitely for the superhero lovers. The series is all about five freshmen at Silver Mount University and their task involves discovering hidden secrets about their college town. The college-going superheroes possess different elemental powers, and have a task at hand- of protecting the world from supernatural powers that pose a threat. The characters Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige and Jordan are in the process of learning how to put their powers to use and make the most out of them. This webcomic updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

#4 ‘Trying human” by Emy Bitner

This an unexpected shift from the classic love saga, it is a tale of love culminating between a woman and an alien. Rose Williams is an alien abducted woman who falls in love with Hue, one of the aliens. The most interesting aspect of this webcomic that makes it a must read is the fact that it travels through time. Covering various magnificent locations and diverse time periods, the comic is updated every Tuesday by Bitner. The title is a reference to a device that the aliens of this webcomic series use, to walk like humans. The humorous exchanges between the human and alien world, are a pure schmaltz to read.

#5 “Dumbing of age” by David Willis

This webcomic series is set at Indiana University and has a primary character Joyce Brown, a friendly college freshman. There is a slice of almost every type of character we get to witness in our life, ranging from a person with friendly demeanour, a wannabe bitch, subtle sophomore student, alcoholics and party animals. The webcomic “dumbing of age” goes through the histories of almost all the characters, their present and past relationships and points of hard truths as well. It has a touch of heroism and a lot of drama which surely you wouldn’t want to skip. Fifth in the list of webcomics created by Willis, dumbing of age is indeed one of the worth reads. Updating seven days a week at its website, this is for the daily webcomic lovers.

#6 “Questionable content” by Jeph Jaques

Launched on 1 august 2003, “questionable content” is Jeph Jaques’ another remarkable piece of art. Last year the comic reached its 3500th strip, and is widely known and liked by the readers of webcomics. Contrary to the title of the comic series, there’s nothing actually questionable. The comic is about 20-year-old Marteen Reed who is clueless about the direction in which, his life is heading. Music interests Reed, and the entire series is full of various amusing characters, including Reed’s former love-interest Faye Whitaker. Updating every weekday, this is for sure among the best webcomics to read, and it carries along fictional music band elements as well, along with streets full of artificial intelligence creatures.

#7 “Alice grove” by J. Jacques

After much success of “questionable content”, Jaques plunged into another amazing project, wherein a woman named Alice is the centre of attention. Alice, after being declared a witch by the people of her locality, works as a miracle worker and cures people of their ailments. The twist in the tale, takes place when Alice is called upon by the people to take a look at a strange looking creature and his equally alien resembling sister. This comic is more like a side project, and though it doesn’t update frequently (at times twice a week), it is still worth your time as it offers more drama than webcomics usually do.

#8 “Octopus pie” by Meredith Gran

This webcomic is not actually about an octopus pie for sure. Started in 2007, it has gained several awards and is a counted amongst the most popular webcomics. It is about the life of a 20-year old hipster girl named Eve Ning who has a grand social circle. A classic tale of love, life and work, “octopus pie”, offers its readers a catching and rapturing taste of life in Brooklyn, New York. So far 1026 strips have been published, which speaks immense of its popularity. It is an ardent culmination of wit and humour, and tells a tale of young urbanites.

#9 “Girls with slingshots” by Danielle Corsetto

It is a remarkable work of art and indeed a courageous one. Corsetto has done a thought provoking job by covering events of sexuality, unemployment, marriage and going through issues of LGBTQ and people with disabilities in the form of the characters in his webcomic. It initially focuses on two main characters, Hazel Tellington and Jamie Mc Jack, but it later approaches different characters. What makes it one of the best webcomics to read, is the fact that, it addresses issues of sexual orientation in an age where most of the webcomics do not think of going beyond a glam life concept. No doubt it won the 2005 Reuben Award for its remarkable nature and elegant style.

#10 “Strong Female Protagonist” by Brennan Lee Mulligan

Written by Mulligan and drawn by Molly Ostertag, this superhero webcomic has been a sensation among popular webcomics on the internet since 2012.
It is a story of a young 19-year-old college girl, who has retired from her profession as a “mega girl”, so that she is able to pay more attention to her studies and attend college. It is the juxtaposition of superheroes and real worldly issues.  Alison Green, the actually “strong female protagonist”, is just your average, everyday ex-superwoman, to be put up precisely, and yet she manages to enchant and impress you with her naturalness. It’s not just about the superhero girl, but it also throws light on her little sister, who finds it hard to be the sibling of a out of the league creature. Updating every Tuesdays and Thursdays, this webcomic takes your hand and walks you through the life of someone we consider supreme. But is it actually easy being a superhero.

There are many more and multiple sections of webcomics to select from, but these might interest you just more than others. For those who aren’t into the webcomic culture, this might simply change your opinion and lead you into the wonderous land of webcomics and graphic novels. Also, webcomics are an altogether different experience. Since webcomics help people to fall in love with reading (as they offer colours and graphic details to entangle you to the story), this might be just the right list to start the habit. Webcomics aren’t simply cool, some stories are even good for our brain!

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