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May 4, 2016

11 Popular South Indian Dubbed Movies That Are USP of Hindi Movie Channels

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South Indian Dubbed Movies - Rebel

South Indian movies are known for their high dose of drama, action and entertainment. For this reason, different Hindi movie channels show a dubbed version of these South Indian Blockbusters very often. Moreover, repeated telecast of Bollywood movies makes them boring for the viewers. So, popular South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi serve a fresh change for these movie channels and are very much liked by the Indian audiences. Mahesh Babu, Rajnikanth, Prabhas, Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi are popular South Indian Actors who are also well-recognized all-over-India. It is primarily their movies that are dubbed in Hindi. We present to you 7 of the top popular South Indian dubbed movies which are always in demand among the viewers of Hindi movie channels.

#1 Sivaji The Boss

Sivaji The Boss, starring the greatest star of South Indian movies, Rajnikanth, never fails to please the audience with its incredible scenes like fights over trains and millions of rupees flying in the air. The movie which is already stuffed with action, drama and fun is further enriched with a unique story about re-incarnation. The movie won a National Film Awards for Special Affects. It was also converted into a 3D movie and was released in 2012. This is one of the most popular South Indian Dubbed Movies.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Sivaji

#2 Ragada

Nagarjuna is Telugu super star and has delivered exceptional films. One of the popular South Indian Movies dubbed in Hindi is Ragada. The telugu and hindi name of the movie is Ragada. Ragada is a story of Satya who wants to take revenge from Peddanna for killing the man who brought up Satya and to save man’s hospital from debts. The movie is high on action scenes and a perfect revenge drama.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Ragada

#3 Indra (Indra – The Tiger)

Indra is a Telugu movie and was also Chirenjeevi’s comeback movie. It was dubbed in Hindi and the title was changed to Indra – the tiger. The movie revolves around the rivalry between the two families. Shankar lives in Benaras and works as a taxi driver. Shankar’s niece is all set to marry Gira but on the day of wedding it is revealed that Gira had come to take revenge from Shankar and his family. What is Shankar’s past? Why are the two families hell-bent on killing each other?

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Indra

#4 Chandramukhi

Chandramukhi is a comedy horror movie which stars Rajnikanth, Jyothika and Nayantara. The movie was one of the longest running films. It was a remake of  Malayalam film, Manichitrathazhu. Chandramukhi was not only dubbed in Hindi but was also remade into Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Chandramukhi is a story of woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and is cured by a psychiatrist. It used to be one of the most popular South Indian Dubbed Movies that used to telecast on Hindi channels.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Chandramukhi

#5 Don Seenu (Sabse Bada Don)

This movie is a comedy and its story revolves around a guy who dreams of becoming a don. Seenu (played by Ravi Teja) is an ambitious man who wants to become city’s don. Due to his nature, he is able to gain access to the city’s dons and joins one of them. As part of his assignment, Seenu is sent to Germany by don to seduce rival gang’s don’s sister. However, Seenu ends up falling in love with his boss’ sister.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Don Seenu

#6 Julai (Dangerous Khiladi)

Ravi (Allu Arjun) wants to earn money the quick way and earns a living by betting on IPL matches. By chance, he meets a local thug (Sonu Sood) and tells him how he wants to make quick money and the location of betting ring. When Ravi goes to the ring, he is arrested by the police. He realizes the thug had tipped him off. He helps police foil thug’s bank robbery plan and moves to Hyderabad under witness protection program. However, Ravi has to face his wrongdoings. In the end, Ravi realizes the importance of hard work.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Julayi

#7 Eega (Makkhi)

Eega was released in 2012 and won two National Film Awards. It is one of the latest South Indian Movies dubbed in Hindi. It was dubbed in Hindi in 2015 and was released as Makkhi. While it was a box office hit in Telugu industry; the dubbed version was a commercial failure.

Eega is a story of Nani who is killed by Sudeep and reincarnates as a fly to seek revenge from Sudeep. Nani is helped by his love, Bindu. The movie is known for its special affects and is one of the must-watch South Indian dubbed movies.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Eega

#8 Khaidi No. 150 (Kaidi No. 150)

Seenu (Chiranjeevi) is a petty criminal who is locked up in Kolkata prison. However, he escapes the prison and goes to Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, he sees his doppelganger (Shankar) being shot. Seenu takes Shankar to the hospital and Seenu takes Shankar’s identity to escape Hyderabad. When Seenu goes to Shankar’s home to steal money, he comes to know about Shankar’s noble deeds and decides end what Shankar had started. Meanwhile, Shankar gains consciousness and finds himself in Kolkata prison. Will Seenu will able to get villager’s justice? This is one of the South Indian dubbed movies that is telecasted every alternate day.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Kaidi No 150

#9 Yevadu

Inspired by Face/Off, Yevadu is a perfect revenge drama that stars Ram Charan. Satya and Deepthi are in love but a local goon ,who lusts for Deepthi, has his men kill Satya and Deepthi. Satya is saved by a doctor who gives him a new face. Satya goes back to Vishakhapatna and seeks revenge. On his way back to Hyderabad, he is attacked. When he questions doctor about his new face, Satya is told that his new face is the face of doctor’s son who was killed by his friend. Satya takes revenge on behalf of doctor’s son.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Yevadu

#10 Paayum Puli (Main Hoon Rakshak)

Paayum Puli is a story of an undercover cop who is deputed in Madurai and is assigned a case to investigate kidnappings of rich businessmen. Jayaseelan (the undercover cop) lives with his family and is engaged to Sowmya (Kaajal Agarwal). Through his investigation, he is able to track down one of the kidnappers and kills him. Unfortunately, before dying, kidnapper tells Jayasaleen that the kidnappings will continue even after his death. Who is the real kidnapper? Will Jayasaleen be able to find the culprit?

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Paayum Puli

#11 Rebel (The Return of Rebel)

Our list of South Indian Dubbed Movies is incomplete with out Prabhas. Rishi (Prabhas) is a happy-go-lucky man who loves his family. His father does not want Rishi to become and sends him to Bangalore. Rishi falls in love with a girl and brings her back to his village. A local good and Rishi’s uncle join hands and kill Rishi’s parents and girl friend. Rishi decides to take revenge and takes the path of violence. In the end, he eliminates all his enemies.

South Indian Dubbed Movies - Rebel

These were some of the popular South Indian dubbed movies that have great storylines and are fun to watch. Some of the other popular dubbed South Indian movies are Baadshah (Rowdy Baadshah), Thani Oruvan (Double Attack), Sarocharu (Zabardast Aashiq) and Naayak (Double Attack).

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