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July 7, 2016

Poems and Abuses Are Two Rags Of The Same Cloth

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I was randomly sitting on my sofa planning to write my next poem simultaneously being pissed with a friend of mine when a random thought struck me. I thought that aren’t ‘Poems and Abuses two rags from the same cloth’. I know it might sound a bit crazy, but let’s count the similarities. Shall we? Writing can be appreciative and sometimes criticizing. Abusing someone is too an art which one should learn.

So here is the article which will give you the insight that how two paradoxical things be similar.

#1 Best done in mother tongue
Both the things are best done in the language closest to one’s heart, for example one may flout around blabbering one’s impressive English but at the peak of furor and anger the first word that comes to tongue is a chu**ya.
And poetry is obviously the combination of words put together to beautify and enhance a certain thought in the language one adores.

 #2 Piece of art
Impressing the love of your life, garnish your words with a beautiful poem and its impact may last life long in the form of a loving partner.
Fighting a piece of ass, sprinkle your description with the rightmost abuses and its impact will too last for few days with a bruise beneath the eye.

#3  Imagination
You need to have a solid imagination to come up with right words at the right time.
Imagine yourself with the love of your life, write it down, It will become a poem.
Imagine that as****e falling in the dirtiest gutter near your house and he will become a ‘NalikaKeeda’.

#5  A great way to vent out
Feeling depressed, sad, happy, frustrated; vent out your thoughts, give them words, give them life with poetry .
Feeling pissed, angry, irritated; vent out your thoughts, give them words, take their life (verbally) with abuses.

Also, abusing is actually good for your health.

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