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March 23, 2016

#KhulKeKheloHoli: Play Holi With Freedom Every Year

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Remember those days when we used to get annoyed with our school principal because Holi came in between our exams? But no matter how worried we were about that Maths exam next day; we always played Holi with our school friends. We may not like getting hit by those water balloons but we sure had a lot of fun filling them with water. But we always like to play Holi with freedom. 

Holi, a festival of colors, is celebrated by most of us like crazy people with all our loved ones. The coming of Holi fills our life with colors and removes the dullness from our lives. But while we are super excited about the long weekend this year are we just as much excited about Holi? This year Parachute has launched an ad which shows how in this busy humdrum life of we have forgotten the true essence of this festival of color and have taken it for granted like our work. We have forgotten how we used to play Holi in our childhood. To take you down the lane and bring some nostalgia this ad tells us to play holi with freedom.

The ad, #khulkekheloholi, is a holi special heart warming video which will make us realize what we are actually missing by ignoring this colorful festival. As kids, we enjoyed a lot during holy. A variety of delicacies were prepared for a long time. The tasty ‘gujias’, the crazy dance and all the madness after having ‘bhang’ are a part of this festival. But now the scenario is entirely different. The video shows how an elderly man is excited on the day of holi like a child and he is taking all kinds of preparation to play holi with freedom with his co-mates. But all his enthusiasm vanishes when he notices that no one is much excited about the holi party. Just like a child becomes sad when all his planning goes in vain, the same happens to him.

We might not agree but this is the reality of today’s life. I can’t really recall any of my holi celebration even a few years ago the way it is celebrated now. In the video it is even shown when a few teenagers come to the old age home to greet the old people, they just put a ‘tikka’ on everyone’s forehead and then distribute sweets. It seems like any other official party we generally attend. We don’t generally play holi with freedom, anymore.

Holi should be played with full enthusiasm by everyone, starting from kids to teenagers to adults. It should turn us into kids and we should be able to fill our life with these colors which will leave a positive impact on our lives. It’s fun to put colors on everyone, especially those who generally tend to avoid colors, enjoying with our dear ones whom we tend to meet after a long time only during such festivals. We must try to make memories so that it stays with us for a prolonged time because keeping in mind the schedule of today’s life no one is really having time for anyone nor is it possible for them to visit us often. It’s only the memories which stay with us.

So this time let’s celebrate holi just like we used to previously. Let’s try to make memories which will stay with us for a long time. Don’t keep any anger for anyone in your heart and spread this festival of colors with love.

Watch this ad you will remember your childhood.

Featured Image Source: www.campaignindia.in

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