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March 4, 2017

An Overseas Feel in Our Own Country

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For the young explorers who constantly crave to escape the country to visit and tour different places, here is a list of all the spots one must visit before leaving the country. Often, due to colonisation or some other reason, some regions in India have adapted their lifestyle according to the culture of their colonies and so have managed to become tiny replicas of the same. So, next time you wish to visit Greece, why not explore mini Greece in India first? Following are a few such places that can be visited for an overseas feel in India:

#1 Malana, Himachal Pradesh -The Little Greece

It is said that some time back in the day, descendants of Alexander, the Great landed here and decided to reside in this tiny village located in Himachal Pradesh. It is located in north-east of Kullu Village. This tiny village is one of the only villages in India that follows its own democracy. The descendants here believe that they are the true descendants of the Aryan Race and thus every outsider is considered as an impurity. The Beatles came here and made music; Steve Jobs left this place and went ahead to make his first iPod. This place can certainly make you do wonders. All one needs to do is to look at this heavenly spot in the midst of the gorgeous Himalayas.

It is an open secret that Malana is famous for its Malana cream. It is also well known for celery and fresh mushroom. These are exported to all across the world. The primary profession of the people is gardening.

The town is under the guidance of individual deity, Jamlu Devta. The people of the town consider themselves superior in many aspects because of their lineage. Their democracy is unique and considered one of the best. It is divided into the upper house called Jayeshthang and lower house called Kanishthang. Jayeshthang has three permanent members and five temporary. Kanishthang has the eldest male member of each family as its member. If there is no male, the eldest female becomes the member.


#2 Dha Hanu,Ladakh- The Aryans Land

Dha Hanu is situated south west to Leh. Similar to Malana, the villagers here believe that 2000 years ago a part of Alexander’s army landed here and hence today they believe themselves to be pure Aryans. It is quite evident by their blond hair and blue eyes. Their culture is completely different from the local Ladakhi and so is their dressing. The Drokpa community is the last race of Aryan’s confined to the valley. Their cultural and religious practices are a lot like the ancient pre-Buddhist religion called Bon-Chos. Thus, the main attraction for tourists in this tiny village is their distinct culture and the fact that they have managed to keep it the same after so many years.


 #3 Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

The little Israel, Kasol, is an entirely different world. Strolling along the Parvati River with the water rushing down, toiling at every nook-and-corner of the massive boulder and relaxing with feet in the cool clean water or simply crossing the river by the old rickety bridge are undoubtedly highly pleasant experiences. Due to the large population of Israeli tourists and residents, the restaurants there serve Israeli food at large, and it is not surprising to find that even the signboards are in Hebrew. Kasol is extremely famous for its trekking and fabulous Israeli cafes. It is a base camp to the Sarpass trek. The main attraction of this place are hospitality, scenic beauty and wild charas, a hand-made hashish made from cannabis that is plentiful to the area.


#4 Mcleodganj and Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

Although comparatively common places for tourism unlike those mentioned, Mcleodganj and Dharamsala are famous for their picturesque beauty and their Tibetan cuisine. Due to the residence of Dalai Lama, the culture in Mcleodganj and Dharamsala is mostly Tibetan. The people celebrate Losar festival to mark the Tibetan new year. Mcleodganj is the capital of the Central Tibetan Administration. The Tibetan refugees came to India in 1959 after China annexed its rule over Tibet. Along with a beautiful view, the tiny cities are flooded with Indo-Italian-Israeli-Tibetan restaurants. Filled with Tibetan and Buddhist cultures, many tourists visit this place for a cheap vacation of spiritual enlightenment. It is also a popular attraction among trekkers. the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamshala makes it a hub for gatherings.


#5 Puducherry

Earlier known as Pondicherry, is a Union Territory located in South India, Puducherry was earlier a French colony because of which the residents here still speak in French or have a French accent. The streets still bear French names and so does the architectural style. The food served in the city is mostly French and most of the shops still sell French ware. So if you’re wondering how France feels, it would be a good idea to visit Puducherry first to get a taste of the delicious French food.


 #6 Goa

Goa is situated on the Western Ghats. Everyone across the globe is aware of this gorgeous state. Earlier a Portuguese colony, the Portugal culture is still very evident in this tiny beach state. From food to architecture, this tiny Portugal land is the perfect vacation spot. With the cuisine of East meeting the West and the bougainvillea scented roads, this gorgeous place is all one needs for a siesta filled break by the Arabian Sea. The numerous beaches makes it one of the most visited tourist destination.


The search does not end here because there are many places that resemble places around the world when you set out to explore. There is so much to see when you finally get out of your house with a determination to look, like there is Daman and Diu (another Portugal colony) and Khajjiar, which is also known as a Mini Switzerland due to its scenic beauty. Shillong in Meghalaya is known as the mini Scotland in the east because of its cold climate and waterfalls. Allepey in Kerala will give Venice feels because of its backwaters. Coorg also looks like Scotland because of the clouds that touch you. The Chitrakoot falls look a lot like the Niagara falls. And Mumbai beaches will remind you of Miami.

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