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July 24, 2016

Pick That Perfect Frame

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Pick A Sunglass

All of us at some point in our life go through the arduous decision of choosing the ideal sunglasses according to our face frame, unknowingly about 80% of us get it WRONG. It is not just about how good the shades are or how expensive they are, the priority is as to how well does it compliment and suit your face while at the same time highlight your best part. The progression involves merely two steps.

So, we are bringing you two-easy-steps that’ll help you know which frame will suit you the best

#1 Notice your face shape

This is the most vital step, many of us don’t know the exact shape of our face which is the very basis of wearing the right frame. There are four basic face shapes;

  • Heart
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square


#2 Pick the perfect frame

Now after acknowledging what face you are, picking up the right frame accordingly enters the arena. There can be more than 2 types of frames suiting your face type

HEART– This face shape is wider at the forehead and becomes narrow as we proceed downwards, the narrowest point is the chin and the widest is eyebrows, thus frames that are wider on the top suit as they enhance the brow area. So, the perfect frames are retro square, cat eye and sport.


Round – This face shape is widest on the top and is less narrow near the jaw line, and gives the silhouette of a round face. Sunglasses of square shape help curtail the roundness of the face; one can also experiment with a cat eye or a classic wayfarer frame.


Oval– This is the most versatile face shape when it comes to finding that perfect goggle, and sunglasses of all frames suit this face type. This face shape is more prolonged than wide. All over-sized frames, round, square, aviators suit a person with oval face.


Square– A square face has its jaw as the most strongest and prominent areas. The face is wide from all areas. To oppress the wideness, one must chose frames that are round or frames that do not have straight frames like square or rectangle. The trick is to minimize the face prominence. So, you can go with  round, aviators or shield frames.


Picking that perfect frame is no rocket science! The trick is to only know your face shape and contouring the most prominent feature while highlight the best part of your frame. Also not forget that the frame must not cross your face boundary and should suit the size of your face. Hope we were able to help you pick a perfect pair for this summer !

Sun-glass frames like wayfarers, aviators and club masters are the most in Vogue these days!

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