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February 14, 2017

Perfect Guide to First Date Conversation Starters

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First date?? Nervous??  You might have been through a manual of 101 conversation strikers for your first date to make it First “Perfect” Date and are damp with sweat not to forget a single question. Well, here we are to rescue you and make your perfect date a dream come true!

Most of us find it difficult to strike conversations on a first date, even if you have known the person for years, a first formal date means something  different  and not only it is an essential one  before you start dating and eventually end up being together…of course if your first date goes perfect and you like each other.

Here are the best and sorted a list of few questions to get you ready for a perfect dream date.


If you have decided the place for the date:

What do you think about this place?

Or if your partner has insisted on if you can start on stating:

How often do you visit this place?

Light compliments can even help:

This place is wonderful


Well, this can turn tables for you so keep it simple:

Ask questions about their daily life, routine, family background etc.

*Stuff you don’t know about them, don’t ask repetitive questions, for example, their school, college, which you know already and might put an impression of your ignorance to their profile.

How is your workplace like? ( Asking oneself about their work and a slight appreciation can lighten them up. Although don’t press a lot on details…you know what I mean…)


This is an important phase once you are in flow with your conversation. And realize things are going good, even if they aren’t; please don’t run away…

What are your hobbies?

Places you like to visit?

What was going through your mind before this date? Were you mentally prepared or nervous?

What do you do when not at work?

 Are you a foodie? Ask them about their favorite dish

Make them feel comfortable while you can tell them a few things about yourself and find your common interests.


Once you have made them comfortable you can ask them questions about their childhood, school or college achievements

What subject/activity did you excel at in school?

Any crushes during your learning days? (You can also name a few of your birds)

Were you a sports person( Mind you, girls like athletic guys)


Now that you have reached this stage, you must be enjoying each other’s company, you can go on with crucial affairs, ask them questions about their future plans, career goals etc.

Are you career-driven?

Does your current job/profession excite you? If no, what’s your field of interest, or are you considering entrepreneurship?

 Who’s had the maximum influence on your career or your life?


The closing phase can get you another one, however, if you have made a good impression (surely!)  But if you lose out here your chances might dwindle for the next one.

 How was the food?

 Did you enjoy the place?

 What are your feelings about this date now? Do they match or contradict your pre-date notions?

 What’s your plan for the next weekend?

 How will you get back home? Shall I drop you at your place?

 Is there anything I should know but I never thought to ask?

Hopefully, you have hit the strike and enjoyed your date make sure you maintain your distance, don’t end up calling or texting the person as soon as you are back home. Every person needs their own space let them take their time.

P.S.  There is no need to follow a perfect sequence make sure you maintain the flow…Avoid an interview scenario and get them talking.

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