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June 25, 2016

Peace. Love. Rock n Roll.

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indian rock bands

India has consistently contributed to the Rock genre with some amazing bands. These bands are not just hugely popular in India,they have garnered praises from all over the world and deservedly so.

This is not a countdown or a top ten list, this is merely a list of some of the most amazing  bands the country has contributed to the rock genre.

#1 Motherjane 

Formed in 1996, this insanely talented band hails from Kochi. Their music has been influenced with Carnatic music. They are one of the best progressive rock bands in the country. Their first album Insane Biography  was widely acclaimed in Japan and was featured  in the ‘Asian Rock Rising Festival’. Their second album Maktubwas named as the album of the year by Rolling Stone India.

#2 Parikrama

Parikrama has been one of the most prominent bands in India’s rock-scene. Their sound is pretty unique as it’s rock with a fusion with Indian instruments and is ridiculously pleasant to hear. Their song “But it rained” among several others of their brilliant singles beautifully defines their style of music. But it rained was featured in Rolling Stone India’s best rock songs from India in the past 25 years.

#3 Fossils 

Bengali rock bands or any band from Bengal for that matter are affectionately called Bangla Bands in the state of West Bengal, and Fossils are easily one of the most popular and successful among these Bangla bands. With enigmatic front-man Rupam Islam adding impressive vocals to the sweet blend of rock and blues, no wonder Fossils has enjoyed success for a majority of their existence.

#4 Pentagram 

When a band is a pioneer in original Indian rock music and is lead by someone as popular and successful as Vishal Dadlani you know it’s a great band.
Pentagram’s sound is a unique mixture of Rock and Electronica and their song Voice shows why it’s a great blend. The video for The Voice  was made from fan-made footage and was one of the most watched videos on MTV India.

#5 Cactus 

Another bangla band who touched millions of hearts with their music. Cactus have been inspired by the likes of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden etc. Their songs are a brilliant fusion between blues and psychedelic rock. They have a cult following in Bengal and have performed over 2500 concerts in India and worldwide. One just needs to listen to their song HoludPakhi to know how this band can touch the soul.

#6 Euphoria 

This band from New Delhi made waves in the Indian Rock/Pop music scene with their music. Brought together by singer Dr. Palash Sen the band initially struggled to get mainstream success but after the release of their first studio album titled Dhoomin 1998 they became the pioneers of Hind Rock.

#7  Indus Creed

One of the first bands to grace the Indian Rock scene, Indus Creed was intercepted in 1984 as Rock Machine and was later renamed Indus Creed. They disbanded in 1997 but came back in 2010 with a new line-up. They have been widely successful and their song Pretty Child featured in Rolling Stone India’s top Indian Rock songs of the past 25 years.

#8 Avial

Avial are an Indian alternative rock band from Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala. They have a cult following in Kerala and have garnered huge praise for their Malayali Alternative Rock Style of music. The band is named after the popular South Indian dish and has proved time and again that language is no barrier when it comes to great music.

#9 Indian Ocean 

Last on the list, but not the least Indian Ocean is an Indian rock band formed in New Delhi in 1990, who are widely recognized as the pioneers of the fusion rock genre in India .The musical style of the band can be at best classified as jazz fusion and fusion music. It is an experimental genre, fusing raga with rock music, guitars and drums, sometimes using Indian folk songs. This band brings out the best fusion.

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